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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Obama to Rick Warren: Drop Dead


As often happens, there is an event in the news and the prognosticators come out for analysis, and I sit back and roll my eyes because not a single one of them actually gets it right. This is true of the reportedly blockbuster event of yesterday, wherein President Barack Obama went on the television and […]

Grand Feats and Wise Decisions


I am just now beginning to learn about politics in New York state. From what I understand, we don’t yet know if a Democrat will be available to run for state senate in the 55th district. Presumed candidate Mary Wilmot has said she will not run, and state Democrats hold their convention May 10. It […]

In Which Famed Author Stephen King Proves That He Has Voraciously Studied the KIAV Stylebook


It is a truly awesome piece. A must-read, and a column that is truly, truly in the editorial style of the Ketchup Is A Vegetable blog. Stephen King, you are the man. Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!