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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Good Night, and Good Luck


I got the news about Keith Olbmerann’s firing today in a rogue Tweet on my iPhone as I was at my day job, which is actually more of a night job. I messaged the news to Papa Bonk. So incensed was I that I constructed the previous entry on my iPhone and blogged it on […]

Current TV: Firing Olbermann ‘Part of a Broad Strategy


Producers at Current TV say today’s firing of well-known and popular liberal firebrand Keith Olbermann is part of a larger strategy: Irrelevance and unwatchability. Current insiders said Olbermann’s “Countdown” flew in the face of the channel’s programming strategy, running long, drab shows about miserable social issues halfway around the world, as well as programming showcasing […]

Hoodie Hoodwink


It is too easy to become captivated by a thing such as the Treyvon Martin case and also to go after arguing about the wrong thing regarding it. That is where I am, unfortunately. I had one of these stupid arguments with a kid at work, a kid who is fond of finding interesting tidbits […]

John Nichols Sheds Light on the Castle Doctrine Laws


Just got home from my day job and was listening to the rerun of the Thom Hartmann Show. He had Nation journalist John Nichols on. And Nichols really connected the dots for me on the “stand your ground” kind of laws we discussed recently. You know who works behind the scenes to get these laws […]

A High-Tech Lynching


Let’s call the murder of Treyvon Martin what it is. That guy was lynched. If he had been a white guy, he would have gotten to finish his package of candy. Had he been a white guy, George Zimmerman wouldn’t have thought twice about him walking around after dark in a gated community. Treyvon was […]

Three Out Of Four Republigoat Candidates Agree…and So Do We


It’s time to get the hell out of Afghanistan. The latest events do nothing more to throw a spotlight upon this idea and to put it into the headlines. A U.S. Army sergeant (allegedly) walks off his base in southern Afghanistan and kills 16 Afghan civilians, many of them children. A Koran is burned. The […]

Faith Aloud


You gotta know about one of my favorite places on the Internet. It’s called Faith Aloud. Here we go: As people of religious faith and conviction / Faith Aloud supports reproductive justice for every person. / Because we have faith in women / we support all pregnancy options. A friend of mine recently got published […]

Oh Yeah.


Why are right-wingers so gleefully attacking a woman who dared to speak out about the trials of women whose school refuses to cover contraception as part of its regular health care coverage that the school requires them to buy? “Because it works,” says Anita Hill.

What It’s Not About


I hate having to write about Rush Limbaugh. He’s one of those who should not have ink spilled on his behalf and whose primary purpose is actually to have people pay attention to him. It’s kind of like when Osama bin Laden attacked these Untied States hoping that we would go berzerkers and do something […]

Mega-Dildoes, Rush!


Or, there’s always this classic.