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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Leftblogistan Zappadan iPhone ‘App’


I’ve put it in scare quotes because it’s not really an app. It’s a Web site. But, it uses iui to make it look like an iPhone app. I initially started it to help me stay up to date on what the Zappadan bloggers are up to so I can keep the @Zappadan tweets up […]

The High Cost of a College Education


Just a footnote about why education costs so much. Two years ago Kansas University hired a new football coach with a five-year contract worth $10 million. Last weekend they fired Turner Gill after completing two years and winning only five of 24 games. Now the University owes Mr. Gill $6 million. Here is a list […]

Herman Cain: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!


Herman Cain says he is reassessing his candidacy in light of a new revelation by an Atlanta woman who says he had a long-term affair with her. Nonsense! Herman hang in there! First of all, the front runner in the GOOP primary is none other than Newty Gingrich, the whore master of the South. He […]



No One Is Safe


Elizabeth Warren is awesome and very nearly touches on a tin foil beanie idea that I’ve been considering for quite some time. The idea: The reason there’s so much income inequity in these Untied States of America, the reason there was (and is) such a successful, forceful opposition to health care reform and the reason […]

The New Official Advice Column Of The Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology



Which Side Are You On?


I want to explain something to you about labor unions. Labor unions didn’t fight for weekends and 40-hour work weeks because they were concerned with procuring you more leisure time. And they did not press for child labor laws because they believed that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the […]

Journalists with Shit for Brains


The stupidity of the popular press and its willingness to blithely spread complete horseshit as though it were scientific truth is brought to me today in a story from the fashion page. It seems a young woman in Germany who is both a biochemist and fashion designer has developed a new fabric made from milk. […]

What The Occupy Protests Actually Mean


I think there’s a thread missing and an enormously broad question not being asked and investigated regarding the Occupy protests, and, as is often the case, you will be hearing about it first here at the ol’ KIAV. The question, quite simply, is why now? Why not three years ago? Why not during the horrific […]

We’re All For The Occupy Wall Street Protests


Sometimes, I think there’s value in just saying something in pure black-and-white even if it’s pretty damned obvious. Last night, well, I mean early this morning since my day job requires my presence until the wee hours, Papa Bonk and I are huddled around the cathode nipple watching Ketih Olbermann detail the stunning developments in […]