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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?


I waved at the mailman the other day. It was a rather involuntary action. I saw the oddly shaped truck ambling down the road. I felt an impulse to offer a friendly gesture, to wish the person well, even though I have never met him and would not know him if he were standing with […]

Give Me Convenience or…


The words come from an unlikely context and from an unlikely man for this blogger. It is an impassioned call to war from a Founding Father who led opposition to the Constitution’s ratification. But I maintain that its sentiment means, specifically, that what’s going on in Georgia tonight is fundamentally un-American. He is reported to […]

Not Usually a Big Borowitz Fan…


But. He did write this: Rick Perry is qualified to be President in the same way that Olive Garden is qualified to be Italy.

Attention, Corporate Media Whores


This means you too, NPR. I keep hearing in the routine reporting of the story that Obama wants to pay for his jobs bill by “raising taxes on the wealthy.” HAVE WE ALL FORGOTTEN THAT THE BUSH TAX CUTS ARE STILL DUE TO SUNSET IN 2012? AS THEY SHOULD HAVE LAST YEAR? If taxes go […]

Ron Paul is a Dumb Assed Cracker!


There may be no better example of ideologically driven silliness than Ron Paul’s position on health insurance. Paul is right of course. People who choose not to have health insurance should not get treatment. It was their choice not to get the insurance and they should suffer the consequences of their actions. People who draw […]

Sorry About That


Remember The Tourist Guy? Remember? Yeah. Well. He’s like…sorry.

Heck of a Job


I was, perhaps, too harsh on our local fire squad recently. While I still am leery of that sentiment, it occurs to me that this house may have actually sent some people down there for rescue and cleanup. Might have lost a few as well. I am still leery of the sentiment. But they are […]

I Celebrate September The Eleventh


I was within a quarter mile of the Pentagon. I heard the crash, the Ritz Carlton shook. I walked outside and saw only one plane, a fighter jet, and one helicopter in a sky normally filled with planes. It was quiet except for the sirens and the helicopter. I watched the Pentagon burn and people […]

Yeah. Do You?


A little FU to the local firehouse for this phrase on their little message board of late: We remember 9/11. Do you? No, you assholes. I totally forget. Um, let’s see. What was that thing that happened again? Some Irishmen drove a train into the St. Louis arch and gave birth to 3,000 lemurs? I […]

Have Your Yellow Cake and Eat It too.


The 10th Anniversary has got everyone working over old territory on Middle East policy. This guy Bill Keller is a big time writer from the NYT offered up his reflections on his failure to grasp the basic truth about our invasion of Iraq. Keller, one of many liberals who supported the invasion, has now had […]