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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr by Ken Gormley


Am currently reading The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr by Ken Gormley. It’s a book I picked up in the vast Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology Library. It’s an excellent read, an I think fair-minded account of this insane chapter in America’s history. I can try to read it and not reflect my […]

The Rupert Murdoch Question.


Has anyone bothered to ask whether Rupert used the hacking capabilities of his vast, corrupt empire to gain information on powerful politicians for purposes of blackmail and influence pedaling? Inquiring minds want to know.

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Bizarro-Utopian Anarchists


Today’s Workers Independent News is a must-listen, mainly for its excellent reporting by WIN correspondent Doug Cunningham of the ongoing attempts by this country’s Bizarro-Utopian Anarchists’ attempt to gouge the United States Postal Service to death. National Association of Letter Carriers President Frederic Rolando says the U.S. Postal Service attempt to suspend collective bargaining to […]

Catholic Church Still Harboring Child Molesters


Here is another example of the Catholic Church sweeping a child molestation under the rug. This time a priest with a penchant for little girls. The Kansas City cleric Shawn Ratigan presided over first communion for little girls, hosted the Easter Egg Hunt, and was busted for taking pictures of his charges without their panties […]

Ya Think?


Papa Bonk called me into the dining room this morning, where he was enjoying his breakfast and his usual perusal of the Sunday New York Times. “Let me read this lede to you,” he said. And, he did. President Obama and his senior aides are considering whether to adopt a more combative approach on economic […]

Frack the Frackin Frackers


Fracking is a way to get natural gas out of the rocks in the earth. It is poison and environmentally bad, no matter what they tell you. I hate the whole idea. I hate it as much as I hate coal mining, I think it will probably destroy a lot of good clean water and […]

The Singularity of the Presidency


I know, I know, all of my millions of readers are squawking at me, but Brady, why are you picking on the Preznit so much? Don’t ya know it’s the fault of the Congress? Don’t ya know there’s nothing the Preznit can do beyond the realm of political possibility? Don’t ya know that Obama’s hands […]

If This Is Accurate, Gods Help Us


Robert Reich has some interesting reporting about Obama’s position regarding talking about jobs versus talking about the deficit: I’m told White House political operatives are against a bold jobs plan. They believe the only jobs plan that could get through Congress would be so watered down as to have almost no impact by Election Day. […]

The Real Loser In Wisconsin


The real loser in yesterday’s elections was President Barack Obama. He lost an opportunity. Again. WTF is going on at the White House that nobody there is seeing that? For both political and policy reasons, the President’s one and only mission right now should be changing the message from the deficit and the debt ceiling […]

Dying Cultures Don’t Need Infrastructure


Just a note on the many attempts to determine what caused this week’s stock market crash. It’s not the deficit, it’s not the failure to reach a grand bargain, it’s not the failure to cut spending more. It is one simple fact. The government is no longer a possible player in the effort to improve […]