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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Halperin’s Anatomy Class


MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin says the President is a dick. Typical inside the beltway analysis of the current political dance. Halperin said Obama needs to show respect for the GOOP and will not get any place by being tough. The beltway wise guys, who have never really had a good grasp of the current political […]

Mark Halperin Is A Kind of a Dick


Halperin was suspended from MSNBC for these comments. The question remains, though, in my mind: Who do these people think they’re talking about? And where were the “the President is a dick” comments when the previous president was illegally plundering secular sovereign nations, categorically neglecting and bungling catastrophic natural disasters here at home while Americans […]

I Like How This History Ends


I mean the part about drinking beer of course.

Michele Bachmann For President


Today, I am convinced that the number-one threat to a second-term Obama has at last been unleashed. And I do not mean this in an ironic sort of “gee I wish this would happen because it’d be so good for us” kind of way. I mean this like really. I believe that the Republigoats have […]

New York Has Real Leadership.


A lot of people can take credit for passage of a marriage equality law in New York. There are long-time organizers like to folks of the Gay Pride Agenda and everyday citizens like me who made phone calls to their senators and to Dean Skelos to help get this done. But nobody deserves more credit […]

He Said GOOP!!


Yes. On his first Countdown on Current Television, Keith Olbermann actually referred to the party that has a majority in the House of Representatives as the GOOP. And on tonight’s show, in the Worst Persons segment, he called Newty Gringo a GOOPER. KEITH ARE YOU READING THIS? YOU OWE ME!! As our regular reader knows […]

An Important PSA


Assignment Editor for Mainstream Press


I have been watching CBS news regularly in the last few weeks so I can get a feel of what the masses are getting in the way of news. What I learned is this: they don’t get much. There is no problem with slant or bias… the evening news half-hour is as close as you […]

1,000 Maniacs


Leon Panetta recently warned Congress that there are still 1,000 Al Queda operatives in Iraq. That’s 1,000. Not 996 or 1123. It’s 1,000 and he is damned certain of it. We should be scared shitless I guess. We still have that many there. The message is we still need to spend zillions of dollars in […]

Why The Hell Would Anyone Want To Be A Democrat?


I am trying this fine day to figure out why in the wide wide world of sports any politician in these Untied States would want to be a Democrat. If Anthony Weiner were a Republigoat, his party, his media, and his electorate would all be circling the wagons around him and his penis. They’d be […]