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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Soldiers Deserve Better


I am looking at the Memorial Day faced book page of one of my class mates who NAVY ROTCEd and took a lot of crap for being the military on campus in 1970. I have a memory of An Air Force ROTC kid in an English class who was jeered for wearing his uniform to […]

Happy Memorial Day


I don’t know about you, but I think most Americans have a pretty screwed up notion of what Memorial Day is. See how many people you know who wish you a “happy” Memorial Day and you’ll see what I mean, or how many of your Facebook friends write that you should “hug a vet” today. […]



Just heard this said on the radio. I think it’s gospel: Republigoats lose because they overreach. Democrats lose because they underreach.



There is no economy in Joplin, Missouri. Not today. Oh, come on, Brady. You’re just being your usual commie bastard self. Of course there’s an economy in Joplin. You know, supply, demand, that kind of thing? No, bubba. When demand is this friggin’ off the charts, there isn’t any supply worth a damn that would […]

Grass Roots Wisdom


Kathy Hochul told Rachel Maddow last night that Medicare was not the only issue in the campaign that busted the GOOP in the NY 26th. Seems Hochul’s older, blue collar conservative district believes that everyone should share the pain of economic downturn and the cost of fixing government. That’s right. They believe in taxing the […]

Sometimes, Borowitz Just Nails It


One day after Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) stirred controversy by withholding funds for tornado relief, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) took the extraordinary step of declaring Rep. Cantor a disaster area. The full story is here.

Show Me the Issues!


I don’t know what kind of thinking goes on in the heads of politicians. Today I get an email from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee all breathless about the NY 26th Congressional District where a Democrat  running in the reddest district in NY beat a GOOPer. The big deal is that Kathy Hochul got outspent […]

It Would Be Good To Be Wrong


One reason I don’t write here as much as I used to is that I hate to restate the obvious and I hate to repeat myself. Unfortunately that is the key to professional political punditry. If it were not for endless repetition of the same story… the GOOP has a confederacy of dunces running for […]

Pope to People: It’s All Your Fault!


The John Jay College of Criminal Justice is helping the Catholic Church whitewash its long and sordid history of child sex abuse with issuance of a study called The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010.  Among its startling conclusions: that it was the moral laxity […]



I have been lately revisiting my effort so go mining about in the wonderful world of Leftblogistan. It’s a tiny little site powered only by me, just a collection of some of what I find interesting among the work of my colleauges. Sometimes, you get a post that just blows your skirt up. Bill Scheher […]