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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Expect More of the Same


Even an outrageous lie that is easily disproven and so absurd that no rational person would believe it can be a useful tool to the corporate oligarchy that owns the GOOP. Thus the tale of the President’s Birth Certificate. Who is to blame? There is a cartoon in today’s paper that makes Donald Trump look […]

The Arrogance of True Believers


Proving once again that “Christians” have no respect for the rule of law… or individual rights … a Tennessee preacher helped kidnap a child in order to keep her away from her lesbian parent. The child is the offspring of a lesbian marriage, effected in Vermont, and terminated when the natural mother of the child […]



Happy Easter to everyone. Today, I understand, is the celebration of the hallowed day when Jesus Christ himself was resurrected from the dead, and then a bunny rabbit crawled out of his ass and laid eggs that tasted of peanut butter and chocolate. And then Jesus made ham and sweet potatoes out of a single […]

Bah! Humbug!


Today is Earth Day. When it comes to Earth Day, I am a Scrooge. The logic of this observation simply escapes me. See, it occurs to me that, in actuality, Mother Earth is actually rather ambivalent as to whether or not humans crawl around on her. Her systems will be go in some form or […]

Generally Unforgiven


Something possessed Tea activist and OC County GOP official Marilyn Davenport to send out a really clever e-mail. The e-mail contains a picture of chimpanzees posing like they’re a family. There’s a papa, a mama, and a little baby, and they’re all lined up and dressed really nice like in their Sunday best. Except that […]



Once upon a time, there was a candidate for President of the Untied States of America who knew how to give a hell of a speech. It was pointed out at the time by his opponent that giving great speeches might not be enough, but despite those warnings, this candidate became the President of the […]

How Firm is the Line in the Sand?


Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Confederacy of Dunces steaming mad about something the President said. This is particularly true when what they are mad about is that, for the first time in my memory, the President actually took a tough position consistent with the fundamental principles of the Democratic Party. Word is that […]

Airplane! The Senator!


Via TRMS via The Smoking Gun comes the funniest thing we’ve heard of at least since Charlie Sheen said “Duh! Winning!” (I am giddy to note that TMS’ coverage of this includes a photo homage to North By Northwest.) Let’s first remember who James Inhofe is. Senator from Oklahoma. Favors a Constitutional amendment banning marriage […]

You’re Doing It Wrong


Rachel Maddow, ever brilliant though overtly redundant and also she repeats herself a lot and says the same thing over and over again as well also, really had an excellent piece last night about how “conservatives” seem to have an ultimate hard-on to bring back the Confederacy. If you ain’t watched it yet, g’head: Visit […]

Worth Repeating


In Sunday’s New York Times a spirited former public official and real Republican… the principled kind, not a GOOPer…wrote in a Letter to the EDitor a brilliant explanation of why Corporations do not have a right to be endlessly greedy. He said it better than I could. Here it is: In “Who Could Blame G.E.?” […]