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Monthly Archives: March 2011



Cheers to PB for an excellent post regarding the seeming anti-nexus of bottom-line worship and the interest of safety. An addendum to his observation that may or may not come back at a later date to bite me in the ass: When’s the last time you heard of a horrific nuclear accident in France? The […]

What Really Happened 30 Years Ago Today


Thirty years ago today I stood on the corner of Connecticut and Q in Washington DC and watched a Presidential motorcade roll up the Avenue to the Hilton. As I always did in those days, I waved to the Raygunner in merry jest, one finger prominently displayed. I went back to my office to work […]

From the Halls of Fukajima


If there is one real lesson to be taken from the failures at Fukajima it is this: in an economy where the primary mission is to maximize profit, safety will always take a back seat. That is true whether the potential damage is the death of a few otherwise expendable coal miners, the destruction of […]

The War Is STILL Stupid


I have been silent here for some time; am adjusting to a new situation in life. However, I would be remiss if I did not make this brief point before I dash off to my new day job: The United States and Britain have just handed Gaddafi exactly what he needs. His most recent political […]

Politically Correct Again!


I am forced to revisit the issue of political correctness. The subject gets a second hook from the UCLA Coed who had to quit school after posting a You Tube rant about Asians who talk loudly on the phone in the library. Notice I didn’t say “an anti Asian rant,” because I don’t think she […]

Money for Nothing


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has just adopted a new slogan. They went to a lot of trouble for it, having an election where people got to vote on the final product and everything. Here is what they came up with: “No Tea for Me, Thanks, I Prefer Progress.” That’s a zinger ain’t it? Jumps […]

Political Correctitude and the Wrath of God


Political correctness is the idea that you do not say things that are so offensive they need to be unsaid. Common rules of civility, really, kind of like when we were children and they taught us not to say shit or fuck … or fart in public. I agree with some of these rules. I […]

It’s a Brave New World Out There


This has rapidly become the age of the Corporation. The promise that was envisioned by the Supreme Court when it ruled that the right to contract trumped the right of unions to organize came to fruition in Citizens’ United, which confirms that Corporations have all the political rights of private citizens. Human rights no longer […]

The Real Question, Buried As Usual


The USA Toady breathlessly trumpets, above the fold, the following headline: “In Wis., private sector pays less.” Wisconsin, the story reports, is one of 41 states where public employees earn higher average pay and benefits than private workers in the same state, this according to an analysis by the USA Toady itself. It’s on the […]



A teabagger, a union member, and a CEO are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies. The CEO immediately takes 11 cookies for himself, and then turns to the teabagger and says, “Watch out for that union guy. He wants part of your cookie.”