Acts 17:30

A new study shows that, if you ask 10 Roman Catholics in America about transubstantiation, 4.5 of them will look at you blankly and go “huh?” This despite the fact that this, the belief that the wine and the wafer one consumes during Communion ACTUALLY BECOME the blood and the body of Jesus Christ, is a basic, foundational tenet of their faith.

Nearly half of Protestants in America do not know who Martin Luther was.

And atheists and agnostics know more about religion than anybody else.

I think this study belies a sad truth about these Untied States of America: A hell of a lots of peoples are staking their entire lives on a big pile of lies and misinformation. Many of our friends on the “conservative” side of the aisle base many of their political ideas on their religious faith. And now, according to this study, many Americans are actually even illiterate regarding that.

Isn’t that something?

Ohio Does Something Right

It might be so much campaign-season posturing, but Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has done something that’s exactly what ought to be done. Strickland penned an executive order in August preventing executive cabinet agencies, boards and commissions from signing a contract to purchase services outsourced to other countries.

Defending the decision against complaints from “free” traders, Strickland wrote:

They have every right to try to wrestle even more American jobs away from us. But I’ll tell you this, we have every right to say no…We believe in fair trade here, and we know that both our countries benefit from it…But let me say this as well—no one in India, or anywhere else, is going to tell the citizens of Ohio where we can create jobs or how we can spend our resources.

Damn skippy!

Just the Facts

Everytime I start writing something lately I feel as though I am just saying something I said a year ago. There has been no progress. The GOOP is still extruding the same old crap. So I am leaving the heavy lifting on the GOOP’s Pledge to Get America to the Washington Post, which did an extremely good job of fact checking and otherwise debunking the GOOP POOP this time.

Stephen Colbert is Good People

From Colbert’s Congressional testimony:

Good morning. My name is Stephen Colbert: television personality, comedian and resident of New York. I would like to thank the committee and its members for their time today and their open minds as I present my statement for the record.

In July of 2010—in the midst of Arizona’s immigration firestorm—I welcomed Arturo Rodriguez, president of United Farm Workers of America, as a guest on my television show to discuss the impact on harvests in California’s Central Valley. During our interview and subsequent conversation, I learned of his “Take Our Jobs” campaign; offering unemployed Americans farm work, providing necessary training and addressing the chronic and endemic shortage of agriculture laborers across the country. While an enthusiastic endeavor, the project recruited a mere three participants. As a comedian and satirist, the temptation of subjecting my character to manual labor proved impossible to resist. I offered to be the fourth.

Joined by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren—longtime advocate for farmworkers’ rights—I traveled to Upstate New York, where I spent 10 hours picking beans, packing corn and learning about the stark reality facing American farms and farmers. I learned that many farms are closing, growers are planting less or switching to other crops, and the production of fresh foods and vegetables is moving abroad. I learned that American farmers have moved at least 84,155 acres of production and 22,285 jobs to Mexico, and that between 2007 and 2008, 1.56 million acres of U.S. farmland were shut down; 1.56 million acres is about twice the size of Delaware.

At the request of Congresswoman Lofgren, I am here today to share my experience as an entertainer turned migrant worker and to shed light on what it means to truly take one of the millions of jobs filled by immigrant labor. They say that you truly know a man after you’ve walked a mile in his shoes, and while I have nowhere near the hardships of these struggling immigrants, I have been granted a sliver of insight.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to share my testimony.”

English MF, Do You Speak It?

First, let’s get the silliness of the week out of the way: Last week, America was transfixed on the “issue” of whether or not a community cultural center would be built in a certain neighborhood in NYC; this week, America is transfixed on the notion that a candidate for senator said once on television that she might have cast a circle. I for one am more concerned that any American who was reared and educated in America speaking American English thinks that the phrase is “dabbled into” than I am about this moron’s incorrect portrayal of today’s pagan religions. I still say to anyone who whines about English as a second language that perhaps we should look into teaching it and using it more effectively as a first language, and perhaps we should start with the likes of this moron in Delaware and her sister-in-arms Prudence Palin. English, MF, do you speak it?

Though the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell raises questions beyond that and how the hell this woman thinks a person’s brain fits into the noggin of a mouse. Rabble-rousers Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are filing complaints with the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Federal Election Commission, claiming that O’Donnell has been fond of living off of campaign money. Listen to CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan call it like she sees it:

“Christine O’Donnell is clearly a criminal, and like any crook she should be prosecuted. Ms. O’Donnell has spent years embezzling money from her campaign to cover her personal expenses. Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much these days, but both sides should agree on one point: thieves belong in jail, not the United States Senate.”

Well. That’s a statement a bit cloying in its naivete, but okay. Regardless, it is interesting that Republigoats in Delaware saw fit to run a candidate who has allegedly paid rent with campaign contributions. What a schnorrer.

Meanwhile, I’m reading the paper today, and the headlines ain’t good, folks. 2010 is now officially the deadliest year for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and this story contrasts with a heartbreaking story about some unintended consequences of our illegal and immoral incursion in to Iraq, the official bastardization of hundreds of children there.

IN BAQUBAH, IRAQ Zahraa is a rambunctious toddler. She still sucks on a pacifier, and her mother dresses her in pink. But according to the government, she does not exist.

The daughter of an al-Qaeda in Iraq militant who forced her mother into marriage and motherhood, then disappeared, Zahraa is one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children whose births amid the anarchy and insurgent violence of Iraq were never legally recorded.

Without the paperwork to prove that she is the child of an Iraqi man and that her parents were joined in a legitimate marriage before her birth, Zahraa and others like her have no rights as Iraqi citizens, legal experts say. They do not have birth certificates, passports or national identification cards and will be unable to go to school or hold a government job.

Sad. Sad, and stupid. Talk about a breeding ground for terrorists. Yep, I think that THAT MORON Gorge W. Busch’s Iraq war will be the gift that keeps on giving. Am hoping that the current preznit isn’t all that serious about this stupid war and is actually angling to GTFO.

That is all.

What Obama Should Have Said

There were some serious whiners at the President’s CNBC Town Hall Forum. Middle class people were whining about how they were worried about the economy and how they did not know whether they would ever be economically secure.

The President’s response was not completely bad. He pointed out that he had expanded student loans and passed major credit regulation that would benefit the middle class, and that his goal is to stabilize the middle class and create opportunities for all poor citizens to join the ranks of Middle Americans.

Not strong enough, I think. The President has been in office for less than two years, has built a phenomenal record of legislation (even if I sometimes think he could have done more). He has stabilized the economy and prevented it from sliding into the abyss that characterized the four years of depression under Herbert Hoover. But he was handed the worst economy in history, bar none. Had Busch not bailed out the banks and Obama not saved the car industry and gotten the stimulus package approved, our economy today would make the USA in 1932 and Weimar Germany look like prosperous times. Quick action by the US government saved the world economy and stopped the slide into economic chaos.

No depression is ever resolved after only two years. It takes time for an economy to rebuild and the experts say this one will be slower to rebuild than many. From a political perspective, the rebuilding part is being held back by Conservative Democrats and the GOOP. Obama has often been powerless to accomplish the things that need to be done.

The President’s answer to those whiners should have said all that, and added one more note. If the GOOP succeeds in taking over the House and Senate in November, it will get a lot worse. The GOOP plan is clear: make the rich richer and create a vast pool of under-employed who will work for peanuts and fight the wars that make the ruling class richer. Recreate the 19th Century British Empire. Do away with inconvenient government regulation, rape the earth and take all the value for the rich.

Economic depression is a convenient tool for concentrating wealth in the hands of the top two percent. That’s where the GOOP wants to go. Middle Class Americans who whine about uncertainty and sit on their hands this November do so at their own peril.

A Good Rule of Thumb for Voters

I’d like to offer up a simple piece of advice for voters, especially for “undecided” voters, as we enter the run-up to November. This is an alarmingly simple rule to follow, and I think that if you’d apply it, you’d see it as a fantastic way to weed out a good number of candidates.

Here we go.

If a candidate avoids a reasonable press request, do not vote for the candidate.

Now. I stuck the word “reasonable” in there. This is because there are, certainly, unreasonable press requests. I think that guys who make their living chasing celebrities down the street earn a living making unreasonable press requests. For instance, while I think Bob Etheridge’s behavior in this instance was strange as hell, I also think that a couple of kids in the street with an iPhone is not an entirely reasonable press request.

I mean, for instance, if the candidate flakes on an already promised request to appear on “Meet the Press.” Sorry, but if your candidate, like Rand Paul and now this Christine O’Donnell person, don’t have the fortitude to mix it up with the dopey David Gregory, they don’t merit your vote. When Sharron Angle pulls this nonsense, telling reporters specifically that they will make themselves available for questions and then she bolts for her vehicle, Sharron Angle does not deserve your vote. And, then there’s Jan Brewer. Sweet merciful crap, how can you vote for Jan Brewer?

For elected officials, kids, dealing with the press is part of the job. Now, allegedly, the press is there as sort of a stand-in for you and me. They’re supposed to be there challenging these a-holes and asking them questions and making them honest if possible. That doesn’t happen as often as it should, and that dogged aspect of journalism is in sorry decline. Therefore, there is even LESS of an excuse to dodge the press like these idiots are intent on doing.

Let’s add it up, undecideds. If a candidate for political office dodges a reasonable press request, not only is that candidate a big pussy, but that candidate is not going to work for you once he gets into office. Do not vote for that candidate.

Good Idea, Republigoats. Run Against THAT.


September 17, 2010 — Healthcare reform, officially called the Affordable Care Act, was signed into law by President Obama last March. But this September 23, it picks up steam. Six major provisions will be enacted to set reform on its way.

Here’s a quick look at the provisions:

  1. Extending Coverage for Young Adults: Young adults can stay on a parent’s plan until they turn 26. This doesn’t apply to young adults who already have health insurance through a job.
  2. Providing Free Preventive Care: New plans must offer free preventive services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. This means they cannot charge you a deductible, co-pay, or coinsurance. (Note: This only includes new plans, not those already in effect when the healthcare reform law passed.)
  3. Banning Insurance Companies from Rescinding Coverage: When someone with health insurance got sick, insurance companies would sometimes search for an error or other mistake on that person’s application to deny coverage. That practice will no longer be legal. (Note: For most people, this will take effect in January 2011, at the beginning of a health plan’s new year.)
  4. Appealing Insurance Company Decisions: Consumers will have two ways to appeal coverage decisions or claims: through their insurer or through an independent decision-maker. (Note: This only includes new plans, not those already in effect when the healthcare reform law passed.)
  5. Eliminating Lifetime Limits on Insurance Coverage: Insurance companies can’t set lifetime limits on key benefits, such as hospital stays. (Note: This only includes new plans, not those already in effect when the healthcare reform law passed.)
  6. Regulating Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage: The law will restrict insurance companies’ ability to set annual dollar limits on coverage for individual and group plans.

Will these healthcare reform changes affect you and your practice? Vote on our opinion poll.

So, next week, Americans are going to begin concretely seeing the changes made possible by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In fact, many already have (my Grammy received a nice rebate check from Medicare). And Republigoats are running on REPEAL?

Good luck with that.


…and yet you just hear this constant whining. Complaining. About a loss of our competetiveness, America in decline. We’ve never been more dominant. We’ve never had more natural advantages than we have today. We’ve sort of become a nation of whiners.

This was Phil Gramm, in his capacity of financial adviser to then presidential candidate John McWeirdsmile, July 10, 2008.

By August 2008, 9.2 percent of all U.S. mortgages outstanding were either delinquent or in foreclosure.

By October 2008, President Bush had signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, creating the Troubled Assets Relief Program.

This little trip back in time is by way of a reminder NOT TO LISTEN TO REPUBLIGOATS WHEN THEY ARE SPEAKING.

This has been a public announcement from Ketchup Is A Vegetable dot com. Eat Snacky Smores.