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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Votes


It is fitting that on the day that The Howard Stern Show reveals the results of its I.Q. challenge (and it’s neo-conservative douchebag Scott Depace by a point) that E.J. Dionnemustard asks: Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid? Poor, unfortunate nail. You’ve been hit square on the head […]

Would the ADA Pass Today?


Jonathan Cohn asks this question in the New Republic. I says hell no it wouldn’t. Cohn notes that the Act passed the Senate in July 1990 with a comfortable margin, passed the House on a fully unanimous voice vote, and was gladly signed by President George H.W. Bush. Can you imagine the rhetoric that would […]

The Bottom Line On Racism


I just wanna say this because it boggles my mind. Racism is more than just one guy calling another guy a bad name because of his hue. Racism is the power that insult hurled has because of the history and because of the institutionalization that makes that power possible. Racism is 400 years of black […]

Profiles in Courage?


Recently one of the more familiar NPR voices whose name I can’t remember honored Dan Schorr as a “courageous cranky monument to a courageous cranky profession. “ I will give them that Dan Schorr was courageous and cranky and a monument to what journalism should be. Dan Schorr was hated by Noxin, shut out of […]

Watch and Laugh


A Special Special Comment


For a long time, our man Keith did everything he could to wear out his signature bit, the “special comment.” I suspect that his handlers were impressed with the ratings they bore and egged him on, to the point where for a while he was making a nightly “quick comment.” Either at that point, or […]

Nip It In The Bud, Bud


A lot of liberals are coming down pretty hard on the White House for its knee-jerk response to the Shirley Sherrod story. I agree with the criticism to a large extent. But I think the critiques do not consider a certain specific perspective. This is a President who was a candidate who in both capacities […]



At 3:15, Congressman Grayson at last says what I previously said needs said. Senate Republigoats AND BEN NELSON fought long and hard to withhold munny from you that you’ve already paid in. Once again, Grayson kicks ass and takes names.

Unemployment Insurance


Here’s what I don’t understand about what’s not being said regarding the Senate’s asshole behavior on the unemployment extention. If you work, your employer is required to pay state and federal payroll taxes into unemployment on your behalf. This expense is based on your earnings. These benefits are included as part of your gross income […]

Stole This From Twitter.


Prudence Palin was just kidding when she used the word “refudiate” in a sentence. She has a wonderful self-defecating sense of humor.