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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Yes. History Does Repeat Itself


The scariest thing about the little rumble in the stock market this week is that it happened for good reason. The market slid three percent in one day because it appears that the governments of the world are backing away from support for the economy. If the politicians of the world have forgotten the lessons […]

Shaking Hands With The Unemployed


Nobody has summed up the idiocy of the Senate’s holdup of the unemployment extension better than Rachel Maddow. Nobody. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy What she points out so adroitly here is that unemployment benefits aren’t just good for the jobless. It’s good for the economy as a […]

Robert Byrd


Sure, he was kind of a mixed bag. It’s true that he joined the Klan at age 24, that he filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that he was at one time in his life an unabashed racist, that as late as 2001 he was […]

Gen. McChrystal Gets His Life Back


So President Obama told McChrystal to pack his duffel today. I don’t think he had much choice in the matter. But one can’t help but wonder if Obama actually affected a policy change regarding Afghanistan today as well as a change of personnel. He said he didn’t. But we’ll see. One thing’s for sure: This […]

Read It First


You might wanna read the story first before you figure out what you think. The Runaway General Thing is, this isn’t just a story about Obama’s point man in Afghanistan talking shit about the CIC. It’s an all-out indictment of military strategy in Afghanistan. And McChrystal comes out looking dumber than Westmoreland.

The Infrastructure Expectation and D.C. Metro


One point I failed to make in my previous post regarding infrastructure. I argued in that post that key to solving the energy crisis is the larger issue of infrastructure. I wrote as an example of my own ability to never ever hardly drive because I live in the D.C. Metro region, an area that […]



It's Right In Front Of Your Face


Or, rather, north of it. Evidence, that is, that regulation isn’t just some silly hogwash come up with by lilly-livered nanny-state homos with nothing better to do than to interfere with good old-fashioned, red-meat capitalism. Blame Canada. “We should be proud of the performance of our financial system during the crisis,” [Canadian] Finance Minister Jim […]

Something Good About Kansas


It’s almost a ritual in every political campaign for the parties to seek the endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce. Even if you are a Democrat and do not have a snow-ball’s chance of getting the nod from the big money business guys, you play the game and ask for their endorsement. So I have […]

Death Penalty Redux


There is a guy in Utah who is due to be officially killed. He wants it to be done by firing squad, which apparently has caused some controversy. What follows is a post from Papa Bonk in 2006, which still has some relevance: I do not believe in the death penalty. But like a lot […]