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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why does it not surprise me…


…to learn that Haliburton was involved with the oil rig and also to learn that it’s not a union job?

A Must-Read


There is an article today in the local newspaper that I often malign with a certain suffix. This is a news article though that is so good and so competent, that it has caused me to, for now, to drop said suffix. Therefore, you must report directly to The Washington Post to read this article […]

Constitution Schmonstitution


This event occurred like four years ago at the National Press Club, but it is worth remembering today. A reporter drilled Gen. Michael Hayden, then deputy director of national intelligence, on the Fourth Amendment. Hayden quite confidently denied that the event includes the phrase “probable cause” and that the standard in said amendment is actually […]

Immigration Fist Fight


I have been trying to “be rational” i.e. see the other side of the immigration issue, but the more I read their propaganda, the crazier they seem. They … the right wing nut machine that has stirred up this Arizona mess… blame immigrants for every evil to befall the USA from drug abuse to traffic […]

A Shitty Deal


Attention, K-Mart Teabaggers: Here is what a legitimate target of outrage and a true menace to capitalism actually looks like: That’s right, you tea-bagging fucktards! NOW is the time to get out your magic markers! NOW! Got me?

No, It's Not Racism, Not At All…


Had to take a picture of the headline or you’d never bleeve me.

Papersss! Papersss Please!


Quick! Prove you’re a citizen of the United States. Whether you’re white or brown or green with webbed toes, let’s go, smart guy. Prove that you’re a citizen. I’ll bet you a dollar that like 80 percent of the people in this country would not be able to do that. And I bet you’re one […]

By The Time I Get To Arizona


PE of 1991 offers a reminder that this isn’t the first time Arizona has been a haven for racist policy makers.

Boycott Arizona


The Birther Bill, the required travel papers. That scumbag John McCaine. So many reasons to give Arizona back to Mexico. I am carefully scrutinizing everything I buy to be sure it did not originate in Arizona. I wish I had a reason to go to there so I cold refuse to go!



A few random items for your consideration. #1. Having just recently watched “The McVeigh Tapes,” hosted by Rachel Maddow, whose picture you see when you look up the word “awesome” in the dictionary, it occurred to me that, perhaps, just perhaps, Tim McVeigh was a self-hating homosexual. What do we think? #2. Thousands rally at […]