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Monthly Archives: March 2010

New to Radio B.O.N.K.


Am doing my damndest to run Workers Independent News at the top of every hour on Radio B.O.N.K. If you can’t catch it on my little station, hit up their Web site on a daily basis and give them a listen. It is good stuff.

Chess Instead of Checkers


President Barack Hussein Obama is a brilliant genius. Cribbing as I often do from liberal talker Thom Hartmann, but I agree with him: Obama’s announcement today on off-shore drilling is a political master stroke. What the President has achieved by backing offshore drilling—and, yes, I realize it does break a campaign promise, but what the […]



Three essential paragraphs from today’s Eugene Robinson regarding yesterday’s “Hutaree” arrests: The episode highlights the obvious: For decades now, the most serious threat of domestic terrorism has come from the growing ranks of paranoid, anti-government hate groups that draw their inspiration, vocabulary and anger from the far right. It is disingenuous for mainstream purveyors of […]

A Note on Those BS Lawsuits


The challenges to the health care reform legislation are for the most part political posturing. There is, unfortunately, not a GOOP attorney general in the land who does not want to be Governor, then maybe President, and the path to power currently opened appears to lead through this silliness. Of course, there has never in […]

A Congressman With Guts


Spinning for the Pope


Pope Benny Ratzinger has his own take on the sordid tale of priests buggering boys in the USA and in Ireland and in Germany. “Petty gossip,” he says. Forgetaboutit! In the meantime, the Pope’s Propaganda Ministry was out in force over the weekend, with everybody and his auntie trying to put a palatable spin on […]

Attention Tea Partiers: The Sequel


Symbolically, many of you are complaining that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid themselves are exempt from health care reform. I have news for you regarding this symbolism. Today is Nancy Pelosi’s birthday. She is 70. (I know, right?) Harry Reid’s birthday is Dec. 2. He will be 71. Both of them have been eligible for […]

Bring It On


There is a dumbass GOOP blogger in Alabama who is telling everyone to throw bricks through the windows of Democratic Party offices. The reasoning is that if they throw bricks now, we will all be scared into reestablishing the neofacist Mecca of George W.Busch. If we do not heed their warnings, they will shoot us […]

Hmmmm…the Sequel


By the way. As it turns out, Eric Cantor was LYING. …an investigation found that the bullet was probably a random shot, fired from as far as a half-mile away, police said today. It appears it wasn’t fired at Cantor’s office, which is minimally marked and in a city with serious gun violence problems. Surprise! […]

Attention Tea-Partiers:


Ahem. IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS TO EXEMPT ITSELF FROM LEGISLATION. Congress has exempted itself from FOIA, from OSHA, from anti-discriminatory statutes, from minimum wage laws, honoraria, and probably a buncha more. Exempting itself and the executive from health care legislation is NOT an aberration. I didn’t say it’s RIGHT. I […]