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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Moyers: Bring Back the Draft


From Bill Moyers Journal, Oct. 30: Watching the CBS Evening News on Afghanistan this week I thought for a moment that I might be watching my grandson playing one of those video war games that are so popular these days. Reporting on the attacks that killed eight Americans, CBS turned to animation to depict what […]

Antonio Scaliia is a Dishonest Moron


Antonio Scalia is the biggest blowhard in government. He has invented a phony theory of jurisprudence, Originalism, and he blows hard at any opportunity to prove its validity. The theory ignores most of the history of American law but  (Originalism fits neatly his narrow understanding of how things are.   (It’s worth noting that nothing […]

Truth to Morons, Re: Hate Crimes Legislation


You’ll hear it all day today, from the morons, in light of President Obama’s historic signing of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act today: I don’t know why the queers need their own special protection under the law, blah, blah, blah, there are already laws on the books to cover […]

Holy Crap


Thom Hartmann has just pointed out to me one great advantage to pushing “Medicare for Everyone” instead of the “Public Option.” “Medicare Part E” could more easily qualify for the reconciliation process. He did qualify it with “I’m not the Senate Parliamentarian,” of course. But a bill that seeks to expand an existing entitlement would […]

It's Electrifying!


There was a lot of good coverage yesterday on Obama’s announced goal to pour $3.4 billion into the nation’s electrical grid. Not much rememberance, though, that the previous Preznit promised as much in 2003. Remember? When all the power went out in the Northeast and Midwest? And then out came Gorge Dubya to, once again, […]

It May Be Time To Stop Reading The Huffington Post


The World's Foremost Authority


A confluence of policy and the absurd occurred yesterday at the funeral of funnyman Soupy Sales. Professor Irwin Corey had to be removed from the podium after his eulogy turned into a diatribe about health-care reform, in which he insisted that Soupy—along with Odetta, Eartha Kitt and Miriam Makeba—died prematurely because of inadequate treatment. Way […]

Uh…Don't Blame Me. I Voted Moran.


The Virginian-Pilot today eviscerates the two morons who have been jockeying for your vote for Governor of the Commonwealth: By the time Virginia’s new governor takes his oath of office, the state’s long-term road and transit budget will be $4.6 billion poorer than it was last spring. Virginia is dismembering not just its transportation future, […]

MSNBC's Other Bias


On Friday, Rachel Maddow conducted a nice rebuttal to the idea that Fox “News” is just a regular news channel, just like all the others. She argued that Fox had crossed a line when it became an activist network this past summer, directly coordinating rallies against the U.S. government. The only problem I have with […]

Alan Grayson FTW


By way of The Political Carnival.