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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Christopher Hitchens Doesn't Get It


What a weird, weird column by Christopher Hitchens in the most recent The Atlantic . Hitchens oddly decries the sad state of satire in these Untied States of America, blaming Jon Stewart and Sen. Al Franken from like six years ago. He spends half the column explicating Franken’s old books and the other half wondering […]

How To Send Munny To Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida


Contribute (Although, as PB points out to me, the good congressmen forgot: 4. Faith Healing. Also, congressman: Ixnay on the ‘olocaustHay.’)

They Eat Horses Don't They?


The Bureau of Land Management has announced that it will try to adopt out 1,000 wild mustangs this year. The horses breed like rabbits up in the national parks and are a nuisance, so we want to adopt them out to little girls who always wanted ponies. Here is why this is a really bad […]

My Sentiments Exactly


I hope @jaketapper won’t mind if I completely steal this bit of reporting from him: President Obama at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner last night, discussing false claims made about the health care reform bill, told a little anecdote. “I was up at the G20—just a little aside—I was up at the G20, and […]

Health Care Reform I & II


Those who hand-wring or those who pounce over President Obama and the Democrats’ seeming fecklessness over the issue of health care reform, be prepared to pat the aforementioned political entities on the back. They already have achieved some level of health care reform. And I bet you didn’t even notice. In June, President Obama signed […]

Michael Steele Says It's 'Really Dope'


It’s pretty unbearable. But stick with it until 1:55. You won’t regret it. Thanks to @basseyworld via @itsjustgoldie.



A friend from the hometown of my adolescence posted this on the Facebook. It’s so weird. We grew up in the same community, had the same teachers and pretty much studied the same subjects. But we have clearly reached far different conclusions. Like today. There’s President Obama, handling an actual issue of WMD in an […]

Anarchy in the USA


I heard an ABC Radio news reader this morning refer specifically to the “anti-capitalist” protesters in sunny Pittsburgh as “anarchists.” If our media is so liberal, then how come these a-holes were never referred to as “anarchists?” Update: Well. Here’s some scary film from Pittsburgh. Some guys in fatigues drive up, shove some kid into […]

Fact Based Economic Discussion


No debate about the budget deficit should be had without considering what Austan Goolsbee had to say in today’s Washington Post: I think there’s some conventional wisdom forming among opponents of the administration that the deficit is getting bigger primarily because Obama is spending like crazy, and it’s totally wrong. If you look at the […]

Look Out Blue Dog. Yellow Dog Will Bite Your Ass


Rep. Mike Ross, D-AR, says the news outlet that discovered his $1 million plus payoff for a $225,000 drugstore is a leftist news organization. That does not, of course, change the fact that Ross, a leader of the Blue Dog Democrats, is caught with his hand in the till. According to his own financial reports […]