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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Our Best to Ron Kuby


I have let too much time go by without noting that Ron Kuby’s show on Air America has been cancelled. AA says that they have a place for Ron, but no indication yet what it is. I was a podcast subscriber and could not take a long road trip without downloading a few hours of […]

Bye Bye Bernie (For Now at Least)


Bernie Madoff’s 150 year sentence is exactly what he deserves. It is highly unusual for anyone with his money and connections to get such a stiff sentence, and it is still possible he will get out of jail free. Our history of sentencing white collar criminals over the last 30 years is pretty thin. Andrew […]

Stunner: The 'State Secrets Privilege' Is Based On A Big Pile Of Crap


This American Life episode called “Origins” is fascinating (as usual). It is in “Act Two: The Secret Life of Secrets” that we learn that the “state secrets” privilege, upon which the federal government claims it can withhold information if it deems it necessary for national security, is based on a big fat steaming pile of […]

That's the Way God Planned It


Hal Sparks guest-hosting for Stephanie this morning offered a fascinating Michael Jackson bit today: You know the chorus in “Smooth Criminal?” “Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?” You know where he got that? Ever take a CPR course? When I remember where I was when I first heard about Michael […]

Headline of the Day


A Million Monkeys Are Googling ‘María Belén Chapur From Gawker

RIP Michael. Don't let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out


Michael Jackson. One of a kind. Icon. Artist. Pedophile. RIP. We have to note his passing, and it is worthy of a news headline because of his age, his career, and his attempt to come back. Maybe ten minutes. But two hours of Keith Olberman’s time? Endless cable coverage? Come On. This is the biggest […]



As I went through my ablutions this morning, I thought to myself, self, you should really include in your blog posting that there’s no way in hell any man flies to Argentina on a whim unless he’s following his penis. But I didn’t. I mean, I mean, I all but said it. But I didn’t. […]



At first glance, the recent story about the five-day disappearance of Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina seems to be simply weird and vastly overplayed. Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer has passed on that Sanford is “somewhat taken aback by all of the interest.” On its surface, that is the sort of story this seems like, […]



At least as far back as January 29, 2007, we here at Ketchup Is A Vegetable, a subsidiary of Crack Whores for Good Government and the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology, have been asking an essential question regarding the future of liberal talk radio: “AAR, an entire network concerned with public policy and you’ve not […]

All Nostalgic For Nonthinking Swagger


Lawrence O’Donnell is becoming one of my very favorite people. On The Group yesterday morning, O’Donnell all but echoed the old Ackroyd line: “Monica Crowley, you ignorant slut…” She was of course highly critical of President Obama’s handling of the situtation in Iran. At her blog, she refers to his actions as “…tepid, weak, and […]