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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Raygun Style Free Market Justice


Not long after the Traitor to His Nation Ronnie Raygunner declared war on drugs the nation began what might actually be the largest infrastructure project since the Interstate Highway System. Its purpose was to build enough jails to house the rapidly growing number of drug offenders caught up in the Raygunner’s political game. One of […]

Comedian John Boehner


Here’s something to know about news reporters: When you put a document in front of a reporter and you tell him it’s a “budget,” the first thing the reporter is going to do is to rifle through it wanting to look at the numbers. He might start, for instance, by flipping to the back and […]



Why can’t we be fucking finished with Sarah Palin? There is nothing interesting, thoughtful, original, or unique about this idiot, this power hungry mouthpiece for things she can’t comprehend, this fuckdoll fantasy for right wing dudes hoping for restoration by jacking off into plastic Palin’s orifices of pleasure, this dullard, this conscienceless void, Forrest Gump […]

Thank You, Emma


Personal to Emma, who commented on a recent posting of mine regarding abortion: Emma, I am disappointed. I wrote what I consider to be a thoughtful piece about the subject, and you’ve reacted as if I simply barfed up the same old boilerplate, which I am desperately trying to avoid doing. My point, Emma, is […]

Naming Names


In case you’re wondering who the idiot Democrats are who intend to throw a monkey-wrench into Obama’s budget, they are: Alaska Mark Begich Arkansas Blance Lincoln Colorado Mark Udall, Michael Bennet Connecticut Joe Lieberman Delaware Tom Carper Florida Bill Nelson Indiana Evan Bayh Louisiana Mary Landrieu Missouri Claire McCaskill Nebraska Ben Nelson New Hampshire Jeanne […]

Shoulding All Over Ourselves


I have to admit that, on the spectrum of the left over here, I am one who, now that we’ve managed to get the man elected, tends toward “fanboi” when it comes to President Barack Obama. There are many critics on this side of the aisle, and I sometimes wonder if I’m still on honeymoon […]

Reagan Introduces Hubert Humphrey


Here’s the tape Mr. Hartmann used during hour two of his program. Hear Ronald Raygun, pre-suppository, talk up guys like Humphrey and this guy named “Truman.” Hear him rail for workers and against this thing called “Taft-Hartley.” Holy crap.

Get on Team Obama


I think the one thing the flap over AIG bonuses has done is highlight severe political deficiencies at the Department of Treasury. The Secretary, and his good friend Larry Summers, are both politically tone deaf. (See my earlier post.) We can fix that. Truth is we have spent enough time and noise on the $165 […]

Meghan McCain, You Do Not Fail to Disappoint


Just when I was starting to begrudgingly like Meghan McCain a little, she goes and pull some crap like this. McCain was really racking up some points with this guy. For starters, she’s a hot-lookin’ thick broad, which I hate to admit improves her Q rating considerably here. But that of course is pretty much […]

Ten Years After


What a useless waste of time and money. Ken Starr, go fcuk yourself. Monica…impossible to date? Are you serious? Shall I post my phone number? Hey now! P.S. Tivo alert: Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House on HBO. A must-see.