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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Hurray for the Magic Negro


Is the word “Negro” coming back? My mother used it along with “colored people” back in the day. Now the GOP is all over it. Recently they issued an apology to all the Negroes in America. I guess you could say it was from all their Caucasian friends at the GOP. Of course this is […]

Cenk is Right


I am not a big listener to The Young Turks. I will be honest; I found the show more listenable when Ben was there and certainly much more listenable when Jill was there. Cha-cha-cha. But I find it now to be one of the worst offenders of the one-man one-mic radio model that I think […]

How Big is Our Tent?


Rick Warren has been has been telling us a lot about how he understands gay people, and man he knows a lot!!! In a fascinating interview on ABC News, The Reverend Rick says Gay people want to fuck everybody all the time. He admits that he wants to fuck every good looking woman he sees. […]

Lets See Some Fierce Advocacy!


I think my personal opposition to religion begins with a visceral dislike of loud-mouthed self righteous extroverted know-it-alls. That’s what most preachers are. If they sold soap suds or used cars or God it would be the same. I don’t mind the idea of God so much, but the people he has hired to sell […]



I have previously mentioned my Uncle Bonk who used to be my Auntie. He is married to a lovely young woman the family adores, and they make their home in the handsome midwest. I always love to watch straight and uninitiated people try to figure that shit out. “But wait,” they say, wrinkling their noses. […]



The Case For Caroline


The new senator from New York, no matter who is appointed, is going to be in quite a pickle. This person will by default be the most junior senator. There will be no hefty committee appointments. There will be no seniority. It will be the last four years of a term previously occupied by a […]

The Astounding Success of Air America Radio


When it comes to Air America Radio, I am hardly a fanboi (I reserve my radio fanboi luv for Robin Ophelia Quivers). I have in fact been often critical of the network and its obsession with one-man-one-mic programming, its abandonment of the Winstead Doctrine, and its baffling programming decision to cast management as talent. And […]

Line of the Day


…goes to Rising Hegemon. I mean he dodged those things like they were “Vietnam”. Thanks, LTLBH.

Kucinich 2012


We here at the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology have wondered for some time what the hell a guy’s gotta do around here to get impeached. Now, we know. An Illinois legislative impeachment panel started work on an unprecedented impeachment process Tuesday, taking the first steps toward removing Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office. The embattled […]