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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Quick! Turn on C-SPAN!


Bill Clinton is giving a BARN-BURNER of a speech for Obama in Floridia. Yes, I miss Bill. I do.

Whoa. This Guy's Good.


There is a movie starring Sandra Bullock (who hails from Joe McWeirdsmile’s “Communist Country”) called 28 Days. It is about a 30-something woman who goes into rehab and, as my wickedly witty ladyfriend says to describe this particular hackneyed Hollywood meme, “learns how to love.” The film is, almost wholly, a cliché, the kind of […]

Dear Sen. Dole,


I am writing you as a proud American, a former resident of your beautiful state, and as an atheist. Well. I prefer “Bright,” but you may not be familiar with the term. I have just viewed your campaign ad accusing your opponent of being associated with the Godless Americans Political Action Committee. It is a […]

You're Going to Need a Kleenex®


Charles Meets Barack.

Jim Moran for Congress


Every time our good Congressman Jim Moran has to run, you hear the same ol’ saw. You might hear that Jim Moran loves pork, that he says things that are stupid, he’s a DLC Democrat, and that he’s on the take. He voted for the Clinton impeachment inquiry, and, okay, this one gives me pause. […]

Gov. Bill Richardson Coming to Arlington


I have just arrived home from the Arlington office of the Obama Campaign for Change, where I have spent embarassingly little time, given all the lather I work up here at the KIAV. That will change now. It hit me on the subway ride home, almost as divine inspiration to just show up and say […]

Joe. Just Answer the Question!


The Bullshitter Party has this new theory that if Democrats say words, they express a statement of belief. Sort of like Barack Obama is a wizard and words he says are incantations capable of changing the course of history. I have been a little puzzled over this flap about “redistribution of wealth” because I have […]

It's Not A Big Truck


The charges and verdicts in the Ted Stevens trial By The Associated Press – 47 minutes ago Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, was convicted on all seven charges of making false statements on Senate financial documents about gifts he received from contractor Bill Allen, oil services company VECO Corp., and others. Below are the charges. The […]



KIAV Exclusive: Leaked Republigoat Campaign Memorandum


From: Anonymous Republigoat Strategist To: Party Loyalist Rank-and-File, Joe The Plumber Re: 2008—Batshit Crazy Will Lead Us To Victory 11:48 p.m. Oct. 22, 2008 I know it’s looking bleak. Just over two weeks to go, and the polls are caving in on us or, at best, holding steady. I know the phrase “shine off the […]