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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Somebody Hand Me A Shovel


“It wouldn’t be appropriate to have a festive occasion while a near tragedy or a terrible challenge is presented in the form of a national disaster.” John McWeirdsmile told a reporter today that the Republigoats might suspend their convention in Minneapolis because of Hurricane Gustav. Bullshit. The millions of dollars to be lost in vendor […]

It's a Joke, Right?


Sarah Palin is a joke and a true indication of how little respect the Bullshitter party has for our government. How could they think this woman is qualified to be president? She is also a slap in the face to a number of better qualified women who have served the party for years. There are three other […]

Monica Goodling For President


Where are these profound expressions of surprise coming from? While John McWeirdsmile’s vice-presidential pick wasn’t what was expected, it’s no surprise, no surprise that a Republigoat would select as the number two executive of the nation an inexperienced noob who nonetheless relentlessly carries water for the party’s Dark Ages world view. Let’s revisit a now […]

Obama Bomaye


There is, truly, magic in synergy. Sometimes, there are moments when all the right points in the universe line up and there’s a cosmic boom and you just see sparks. That’s what happened last evening, when the sublime communicator called Barack addressed a stadium packed with 84,000 people and also drew 38 million television viewers. […]

God Bless You, Barney Smith


Queen For A Day at the Democratic Convention. Go on. Listen. And wait. There’s a punchline. And I think these stories make a hell of a point.

Yes We Can

28-Aug-08 and John Legend were on hand to perform this lovely, Emmy-winning piece live. It was pretty cool. (But, what? No Scarlett? No Kate Walsh? No Aisha Tyler? No Tatyana Ali?) But the studio version (above, via YouTube) requires headphones. The live version is in rotation at Radio B.O.N.K.

What He Did There


Frank Caliendo does a mean Bill Clinton impression. He says that Bill Clinton is so good, he can convince you of anything. He can stand right in front of you, says Caliendo, and say, “I am not here.” And you will suddenly no longer be able to see Bill Clinton in front of you. He’s […]

It Is So Easy To Forget…


…how goddamned good Bill Clinton is. He. Is. The. Best. That is all.

We Have A Nominee!


I was walking off the subway to my garage and managed to tune in The Rachel Maddow Show just in time to hear live sound of the roll call. I was so utterly pleased to have gotten to witness it live in some capacity. I have to cop to some lump-throatedness. My housemate is an […]

Yeah. We'll See.


Republicans: “Democrat Party” No More WASHINGTON—Republicans have come up with another name for the opposing party—the right name. For years now, the GOP has gone after “Democrat schemes,” “Democrat presidents,” “Democrat Congresses”—all phrases from the 1996 Republican platform, repeated many times since. Twenty years earlier, Bob Dole famously declared that all wars of the 20th […]