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Monthly Archives: July 2008

As It Turns Out, 'RAND' Is French For 'Duh!'


This progressive blog would be remiss if it did not mention the RAND Corporation study. For this, I am borrowing the “Speak Truth To Morons” category from Papa Bonk. Because that is precisely what this is. All terrorist groups eventually end. But how do they end? The evidence since 1968 indicates that most groups have […]

Time's Fun When You're Having Flies


CQ columnist Craig Crawford, on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, described the strategy of the John McWeirdsmile campaign—for which the candidate himself does not actually speak—in a way that tickled me silly. Someone who practices these dark arts once told me he called this the “red frog, green frog” strategy. What it means is that you […]

Who said that?


The following, in its entirety, is from today’s Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.  I suspect its the first time in a hundred years there has been a real D in D&C.  Thumbs Up, DnC!! McCain’s Latest FlipflopIt was inevitable that the tired, racially divisive debate over affirmative action would be trotted out in this year’s presidential […]

Jaded Much?


I blew a chance to catch a glimpse of Mr. Obama today. I probably should have took it. But I generally as a rule eschew rubbernecking. I was walking to the bank. I saw a crowd in front of The Mayflower. A hundred people or so. I asked someone what the hell they were doing […]

For All The good These Are Doing Me, I Might As Well Be Shoving Them Up My Ass


Aside from the shitty headline writing, this story may be worth a read. It seems that the Tennessee shooter has way overdosed on The Suppositories. Dude. It only takes one. Really. Tennessee church shooter angry at ‘liberals’: police NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) – A man who opened fire inside a church, killing two people with a […]

The Liberal Media


I’ve said for many years that anyone who claims that there is a liberal media in America has never worked in it. They’ve never been pinned down by an over-made-up big-haired ad rep, telling you that you should do a business feature on her friend Marlene’s Pampered Chef franchise because, after all, Marlene had placed […]

Cassandra, Get a Life!!


I have been complaining to the bakers at Wegmans’ about the fact that they have discontinued their bran muffins. Until about six months ago, maybe longer, Wegmans was the last place you could get a real bran muffin, everyplace else having gone to a doughy cake-like mass with berries in it. (I have to footnote […]

Senator Obama Has A Speech


I’ve heard it said that this speech was light on substance. Nonsense. This was a substantial speech, indicating a significant change in tenor in the “War” “On” “Terror” by the coming Obama Administration.

McWeirdsmile Predictions


I predict that “presumptive” “presidential” “nominee” John Sidney McWeirdsmile will announce his pick for “running” “mate” by COB Aug. 1, and probably sooner than that, probably more like Monday, July 28. The McWeirdsmile campaign had a horrific week, and they know they need a bump. They’ll announce and try to ride the glide for a […]

It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day


Is it just me, or are most folks missing the real irony in the story about Robert Novak, who publicly identified a covert CIA agent in the newspaper, hitting a pedestrian the other day a block from my office? And no, it’s not that Bob “I Publicly Identify Covert CIA Agents” Novak drives a black […]