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Monthly Archives: May 2008



Why isn’t Jim Blanchard running for President? On another note, if I were chairing this meeting, I would tell all of these asshats in the audience that if they don’t knock off the applause, I’m clearing the room. All this applauding is making the Democratic Party look like a bunch of morons. You don’t see […]

'Count Every Vote'


How awesome, how utterly awesome, is Robert Wexler? Outside of Universal Studios and my Snowbird Granny, he’s the best thing about Florida. Now. On to the “count every vote” meme discussed by the previous speaker, whose name I did not catch. Let’s say you live in Fredonia, which holds elections every four years. President Firefly’s […]



According to many, today’s the day. The Rules Committee meets today somewhere in my neck of the woods. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and DNC Chair Howard Dean all say that as a result of today’s meeting and of next week’s final primaries, the Democrats will at long last have a […]

You Can Say You Were There When The Bottom Fell Out


How awesome and weird is it that the John Dean of the day is going to end up being none other than Puffy McMoonface? This is what I think, anyways. That what you’re witnessing right now is the final unraveling of this whole entire mess. Get ready for yet another hot schweaty summer, a la […]

Dah Duh Duh Dah Duh-Duh


Big Eddie today is talking for some reason about whether schools should require students to recite the pledge of the allegiance. This has always bugged me. Why are Americans so prone to being bent out of shape over a little poem that’s written on purpose to sound like a dirge read off of cue cards […]

No YOU. Nyah.


I have just read an incredible story, more incredible due to its source the Telegraph of the UK. You’d think I’d have heard of this story from American media first. Noooooo. It’s about a car dealership in California broadcasting commercials not so much to sell cars, but to tell non-Christians to “sit down and shut […]

Priorities, People!


In my comments queue this morning stood this little gem. I did not approve it. But I am referring to it here. Approval requested in the post titled “I Like To Wear Men’s Underwear,” which was about the Randi Rhodes YouTube debacle. Certain details in the post including the e-mail address have been changed to […]

Hillary's Other Faux Pas


Lately, I’ve been thinking that Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” segments have been a little out of hand. When he first took on Don Rumsfeld in August 2006, it was necessary. Rumsfeld had severely insulted a majority of the American people. His arrogance and his hubris had led him to draw a nasty exclusionary line regarding […]

John McCain Hitler Hitler John McCain Hitler Hitler Hitler


I for one am John McCain Hitler very John McCain Hitler pleased with the crossed-stream media’s effort at last John McCain Hitler Hitler Hitler John McCain to pay attention to John McCain Hitler John McWeirdsmile’s “association” with the “Reverend” John Hitler Hagee Hitler John McCain. I simply figure that Hitler John McCain the more times […]

You're Doing It Wrong


Let’s review some recent history. In June 2002, The Current President called for new leadership for the Palestinian Legislative Council. It’s on his Web site. He said: “I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders, leaders not compromised by terror. I call upon them to build a practicing democracy, based on tolerance and […]