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Monthly Archives: January 2008

After the Garden is Gone


I have been listening more and more lately to Neil Young’s “Living with War.” It is an unbelievable collection of music, not just the best protest music in 20 years, but some of the best music in 20 years. These are not just recordings, they are performances, and they are touching, outraged, and beautiful. If […]

The Experience Thing


I hear sometimes from folks who support Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama. They rely soundly on the experience thing. Why do they always reach for the shortest, bluntest arrow? The experience thing is the least reasonable thinking to cast for one or another of these candidates. Consider this. There is only one job title in […]

So Upon That Stricken Multitude Grim Melancholy Sat


Democrat Dennis Kucinich, whose second White House bid yielded only tepid support, now faces a fight to keep his job in Congress. Kucinich scheduled a news conference for noon Friday to announce plans for “transitioning out” of the Democratic presidential primary race, according to a brief news release.

I Know It When I See It


There were reports this morning that Rev. Phelps and his crew intend to picket the funeral of actor Heath Ledger. It may be just a rumor, but it would not surprise me a bit. These people are definitely stupid enough to picket the funeral of an actor who played a homosexual in a movie. Such […]



Hillary Clinton is not my favorite Democratic candidate. In fact, I recently wrote in a somewhat shrill e-mail to Father of KIAV that, if she wins the nomination, I might have to consider what to do with my vote. Of course, that is bullshit. I will not pledge to do so, but I will most […]

Re: 'He May Be Unwelcome, but We'll Survive'


Mr. Hoyt, Thank you for responding publicly to the opinions expressed to you regarding the hiring of Bill Kristol, including an e-mail I sent you. I certainly do appreiciate your comments and am glad to know that you are a conscientious ombudsman for your organization. I will say, though, that comparing Kristol to Saffire is […]

Here's An Idea


How about if news organizations stop reporting poll information above the fold? Didn’t the Liberal Media learn anything from what happened in New Hampshire?

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say 'Michelle Malkin?'


From Editor and Publisher via The Huffington Post, it’s certainly one of the most beautiful, delicious news stories I’ve ever seen. Here. Enjoy. “Eight paragraphs into his new stint as a New York Times op-ed columnist, William Kristol, it turns out, has already made an embarrassing error. “His column, which suggests that the Democrats not […]

Step Off, Mr. Dean!


I have received in e-mail a solicitation from Howard Dean. Mr. Dean asks me for this: “Stand up and show our candidates, our opponents, and the country just how strong the Democratic Party is by joining me in a pledge to support the Democratic candidate for President in 2008 – no matter who wins. When […]

I'm Rooting For Seattle


“I kind of had gone through these four years and I found myself sayin’, ‘Hey, Lord, you know, I really want to win football games and wind up coming out of this with a platform that I can honor you,’ ” Gibbs said. “That’s what I was trying to say to the Lord. And it […]