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Monthly Archives: December 2007



Sunday’s New York Times published an editorial that would ordinarily merit a thorough reading. It starts: “There are too many moments these days when we cannot recognize our country. Sunday was one of them, as we read the account in The Times of how men in some of the most trusted posts in the nation […]

Grab Your Ankles


Reports are that former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto has been killed. This initially strikes me as what you call a “spark” in a “powder keg.” (See Ferdinand, Archduke.)

Did Petey Greene Write A Joke For The Current President?


Rachel Maddow recently chronicled the president’s fondness for a joke where he expresses concern that someone in the audience, often NBC correspondent David Gregory, might steal some of the White House silverware. Here it is at the Huffington Post: I wonder if Bush ever met or knew of late ’70s – early ’80s D.C. media […]

Willard Stinks


How utterly revolting a human being is Willard Romney? How disgusting, how ignorant, how repulsive can a human being be? First, he utters one of the wrongest, most anti-American things a person can utter: “Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom.” Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Wrong! Then he lies about his daddy’s affiliation with […]

Johnny West Jesus and Santa God


Here’s one from The Consumerist: Talking Jesus Action Figure Sells Out At Walmart. It is, indeed, refreshing to be reminded once again about how reverent and serious Americans are about spiritual matters. As the article notes, we all know what happens to action figures eventually. Some may even end up, well, crucified—drawn upon with marker, […]



I daresay. Rachel Maddow does special commenting just as good as does The Keith. Transcribed from her broadcast of December 18, re: recent ice storms and subsequent power outtages in the Midwest: We are the richest most powerful nation in the world, and we apparently are unable to get electricity to the middle part of […]

In Which Chris Dodd Gains Many Points


I have not generally selected a set favorite in the big race for the White House. I tend more to rank them. I do tend to support Kucinich first, as the category title suggests. I simply think that a man with a Department of Peace at the forefront of his policy proposals really has the […]

Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Turkey Come Over


Rice flies to Iraq as Turkish troops cross border By Arshad Mohammed and Shamal Aqrawi Tue Dec 18, 9:07 AM ET KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Iraqi leaders on Tuesday to speed up national reconciliation on a trip overshadowed by an incursion by several hundred Turkish troops into northern […]

Another Air American Bites the Dust


I am not a loyal rabid fan of “The Young Turks.” I am a casual listener since I have begun a weekend regimen with The Howard Stern Show. I am even less a fan since they got rid of Jill Pike and Ben Mansokosakostravinskibergermeistertikiwikiwitz. Ben was at least witty. Jill was hot, though they never […]

Oh Boy


The current president is at this very moment talking up highway user fees.