Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25 — In announcing sweeping new sanctions against an elite unit of the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, Bush administration officials took pains to offer assurances on Thursday that at least for now, the United States is not going to war with Iran.

We do not believe that conflict is inevitable,” said R. Nicholas Burns, the under secretary of state for political affairs. “This decision today supports the diplomacy and in no way, shape or form does it anticipate the use of force.”

Mr. Burns (snicker) also noted that he has some magic beans he’d like to sell you.

Guilty By Association?

There’s an interesting video blowing around the internets today of a protestor getting right in Condoleezza’s face, calling her a war criminal, complete with faux-bloodied hands…the interesting part though is that after the cops throw her out of the hearing room, they unleash on the Code Pink broads, who weren’t doing anything. Ugly.

Update: Ms. Rhodes has just mentioned this vid and noted the same thing I did…that first woman is just about ghoulish and is definitely threatening and should have been ejected…don’t you expect her to start moaning “brains! brains! braaains!”?…but to go all don’t-tase-me-bro on the Code Pink broads after, that’s just messed up. And yes, I call them “broads.” It’s a compliment.

Is It Okay To Yell 'Fire' In A Crowded California?

Holy shit! Holy shit! There’s really not much else to say about the fires in California than “Holy Shit!”

Interestingly enough, it’s already being said that the Bush Administration is working to make this disaster the “anti-Katrina…” He declared a state of emergency early on and plans to visit there Thursday. But there is no “anti-Katrina” in this no matter what because the fault lines of race, class, and economic status are so very different. Expecting a vigorous response to this disaster to patch up for the lethargic response in NOLA is absurd.

Besides that, criticisms of readiness and response are already mounting. And I, for one, can’t help but see this, which has led to the largest mass evacuation, like, evar, as yet another example of a nation chronically prone to getting caught with its pants down. One firefighter is already quoted as saying that more airpower could have helped, and one can’t help but wonder if some of the hardware necessary to fight the fires isn’t stuck somewhere in the desert. We shall see.


Did anyone else notice during Katie Couric’s interview piece with Valerie Plame Wilson this evening on the “60 Minutes,” that Katie referred to the initial Novak column as being published in “a newspaper” rather than saying it was published in “The Washington Post”?


For the life of me, I do not understand how the Republigoats can take the positions they’ve taken, said the things they’ve said, and done the things they’ve done to fight the expansion of SCHIP and not yet been politically powerwashed from the planet’s surface. Do they cackle at soirées together over the irony of it all, the political organization of the Untied States of America that uses “snowflake babies” as human shields, that talks and talks and talks about “the sanctity of life” proudly vetoing this humble legislation based on justifications found in a wild-eyed philosophy that has failed miserably in the petris dish of Mesopotamia? Or do they even recognize the Dalí-in-scope contortions in logic at work here?

I’m just saying.

A14 – A 15

There are two stories buried in today’s The Washington Post that are must-reading, though it’s not to say that the in-depth look at the Blackwater company isn’t probably a good idea too.

Iraqis Decry U.S. Airstrike That Killed Civilians: The quotes are devastating, and the story highlights the notion that our presence there serves to escalate grief and rage. Interestingly enough, one of them echoes a sentiment that I’ve held for quite a while now: “Where can anybody be safe from Bush’s democracy?”

Putin Publicly Rebukes Rice, Gates on Foreign Policy Goals: There is so much absurdity in this story. The Untied States is still blathering on about missile defense, an unproven technology that we’ve spent billions building anyway, but our attempts to get Russia to consider such an option for Europe have led to a very public rebuke from Vladie Putin. From the tone of it, I’m surprised the man wasn’t beating his shoe on the dais. Squandered political capital, anyone?