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Monthly Archives: September 2007

It's Weird Hearing Truth From This Man


“If you get into the business of committing U.S. forces on the ground in Iraq, to occupy the place, my guess is I’d probably still have people there today instead of having been able to bring them home…The bottom line question for me was: How many additional American lives is Saddam Hussein worth? The answer: […]

Against the Common Wisdom


There is a piece of common wisdom floating around out there, and, to me, that’s always a sign that it’s time to shoot that sucker down like it’s Harry Whittington and you’re Dick Cheney. The common wisdom this time: “The Democrats were elected in mid-2006 to end the war.” I have heard it several times […]

Quote of the Day (Yesterday)


Referring to I’m-A-Dinner-Jacket’s weird declaration that there are no homosexuals in Iran: “Obviously they have no gay people in Iran. Look at that suit!” (Randi Rhodes) Also: I dare any of my contemporaries in the Washington, D.C. area to walk into Ben’s Chili Bowl and exclaim “Hey, motherfucker! I want more iced tea!”

Quick! Someone Get KIAV a Google!


Yes, I know. It’s “Pelley.” Damnit Jim.

Quick! Someone Get Scott Pelly A Google!


Someone needs to get Scott Pelly and a whole buncha other people a Google for their birthdays. Five minutes of reading on the Google would have told the 60 Minutes dude whose interview of the President of Iran was on the TV Machine Sunday, that you’re wasting your breath talking to that guy about issues […]

Perfect Pitch


Besides the fact that she voted for the Authorization, another constant problem that I have about the Hillary is that she appears to be a bit tone deaf. A bad joke about an Indian grocer here, a “blame the Iraqis” there, she just doesn’t really much carry a tune. She probably should just laugh more. […]

Boring Administrative Note


As we are wont to do because we are a nerd, we have altered the structure of our little blog tonight. Now, the root URL of this little project is officially ‘ ‘ . Other incarnations, such as ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ will simply redirect you here. Unfortunately, this may screw […]

Best Person in the World


Welcome back to Keith Olbermann, who was out of the Countdown anchor chair most of the week with the petty excuse of a near-burst appendix. I’d also like to thank the man for inserting one of my special pet peeves into last night’s excellent “Special Comment.” It’s “democratic!”

Mitt Romney And I Are Very Different People


“And preventing attack means good intelligence work. “It means that people who are coming to this country terrorizing or talking about terror in such a way that it could lead to the violent death of Americans, we need to know about that, track them, follow them, and make sure that in every way we can, […]

Taser Boy


You’re not a moonbat blog if you don’t post a YouTube embed with Taser Boy. So here you go. For the record, the yellow book he’s holding is this one. Of this incident, I have only this to say: John Kerry said “I believe I could have handled the situation…” and I wasn’t certain if […]