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Monthly Archives: July 2007



A brief update…have just grabbed a Harvard trained lawyer co-wurker of mine, and he did indeed explain to me that the White House might pursue a subpoena through DOJ or Treasury, but that it does not possess that power on its own. My eternal undying wish is still that these stories going ’round about this […]

Chasing Ghosts


Paul Rieckhoff posts today at Huffington Post regarding the Dole-Shalala Report. Imagine how horrible this problem must actually be to have created a commission headed by Clinton’s HHS head and his vanquished political opponent. You do not get more bi-partisian than that. A commission with those bona fides produces gospel, and yet, the current president […]



Am attempting to listen to the goings-on on the SPAN Radio this morning. Are Republigoats really this dense? Do they actually not understand that the issue at hand is that YOU JUST DON’T GET TO NOT SHOW UP IF YOU’VE BEEN HANDED A SUBPOENA?

Nice Try


I adore Mitt Romney.

Impeach Impeach Impeach Impeach Impeach Impeach


Harry Reid this weekend pushed it away like it was a smelly bowl of oatmeal. Russ Feingold wasn’t quite as finicky as all that about it but did, in a more moderate course, hold his nose the whole time. And we all know that Nancy Pelosi has just plain scooped up that bowl and flinged […]



Quake jolts San Francisco Bay area SAN FRANCISCO – An earthquake jolted San Francisco Bay area residents awake early Friday, breaking glass and rattling nerves, although there were no immediate reports of injuries. The earthquake was recorded about 2 miles east of Oakland and had a preliminary magnitude of 4.2, according to the U.S. Geological […]

Sometimes A Cigar Tax Is Not Just A Cigar Tax


OH MY GOD NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELLLLLLLLL! You might be noticing such a sentiment these days in the righty-tighty blogosphere. They’re freaking out! They’re outraged! Outraged, I tell you! What’s got them all up in arms? Presidential signing statements? Flagrant politcization of the Department of Justice? 3,628 dead American troops? Nope. Cigar […]



Thanks to Max.

Quorum Call


I’m watching the Span and just freaked out because they’re voting. It’s a quorum call. Sherrod Brown rules. * quorum call – A call of the roll to establish whether a quorum is present. If any Senator “suggests the absence of a quorum,” the Presiding Officer must direct the roll to be called. Often, a […]

It’s Nice of Keith To Catch Up to Me


I called Sirius on this five months ago.