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Monthly Archives: May 2007

A Republigoat Has A Good Idea


Paul Wolfowitz may have been ousted from his post at the World Bank, but a free-speaking GOP lawmaker has an idea to keep the so-called “architect” of the Iraq War from standing in the unemployment line.”I would like to suggest…that maybe we give Paul Wolfowitz a new job and send him over [to Iraq] as […]

Hello again, world!


There are a few changes being made here at the KIAV. For starters, I have managed to decide that we’d be much happier as a dot-net than as a dot-com. This is primarily because of the availability of the companion “,” a shorter, sweeter address that will be especially good for e-mail. Therefore, this blog is now available […]

She’s a Pistol


Several years ago, a young woman in Washington, D.C., apparently became concerned that her boss was looking a little like a deer in headlights in the funny papers. So she spent $8,000 and covered up the boobies on the Spirit of Justice. That was the recent report in National Journal’s “Inside Washington,” that it was […]



From ABC News: “World Bank officials say the bank’s board is completing an ‘exit strategy’ that will allow World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to resign this afternoon and ‘still save some face’ over the issue of his efforts to seek a promotion and pay raise for his girlfriend at the bank.” “Save face?” If “face” […]

God Will Not Be Mocked


I will never forget as I was coming of age politically in college, the best political slogan I’ve every seen, aside of course from “Ed Meese Is A Pig.” It was spray painted on a sidewalk brick at front campus, Ohio University. “The Moral Majority is Neither.” Let’s all remember our friend in Christ, Jerry Falwell. […]

Something Tells Me That Paul Wolfowits Won’t Be Getting Any Tonight


From the WashPo: “Wolfowitz effectively blamed Riza for his predicament as well, saying that her ‘intractable position’ in demanding a salary increase as compensation for her career disruption forced him to grant one to pre-empt a lawsuit. He is scheduled to appear before the board this afternoon. The board is expected to begin deliberating on […]

In Which John McCain Tries Out A New Campaign Tactic


I think McCain has ascertained that, if butchering the English language*, using oversized hyperbole, and grinning inappropriately have worked this long for the current president, maybe he’d give it a try. * You see, normally, one says he’ll follow so-and-so to the gates of Hell, so-and-so is somebody one admires, respects, trusts, and adores.

Wolfie, Ya Got Spunk. I Hate Spunk.


It’s not a long walk from the White House to the World Bank. Four, maybe six blocks. Apparently, it’s not that long a walk from schumuck to khazer, either. When he worked for the current president, Paul Wolfowitz was merely a schmuck. He was one of the earliest and squeakiest voices advocating the invasion of […]