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Monthly Archives: March 2007

How Express and Admirable


The three of you who read KIAV regularly may notice that I have added to my list at the right of endorsements for President of the Untied States of America. There is one addition to the list that violates a rule I’ve held for quite some time. I have maintained that John Kerry was derailed […]

No, But We Are Willing To Learn


In case you’re curious to read the e-mails between Corey Andrew and Sgt. Marcia Ramode, KIAV’s got ’em. Found them on the internets. Stole ’em. Heh-heh. (PDF) In case you haven’t heard this story, have a seat. It’s a doozy. Andrew went and put his CV up on a job-hunting website. Ramode contacted him about […]

Geez. Send A Family’s Kid Off To Die In A Meaningless War and then Lie About How He Died and People Just Won’t Cut You A Break.


Statement by the family of Army Ranger Pat Tillman, following a briefing the family received from Pentagon officials Monday. Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004. Our family will continue to pursue the full truth about the circumstances of Pat Tillman‘s death and the so-called “missteps” of the Army, the Department of […]

Can’t Say As Though I Blame Him


LTR reports that Maron has at last had it up to here with the AAR. Man, who would evar get into radio? That industry takes its best and brightest and wipes poop on them and makes them wear a funny hat and then tells them that they’re ugly. Who on earth would evar work for […]

Republigoats: The Other White Meat


KIAV feels a compelling obligation to report that David Stockman, Ron Raygun’s budget director, author of Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed, and supreme architect of the original “Ketchup Is A Vegetable,” faces indictment on charges of fraud. No budget director since Stockman has been so successful at becoming a household name. Bet you […]

These ‘Viral’ Ads Are Really Getting Out Of Hand


I have no idea who’s responsible for this. But it’s frightening how much more sophisticated and on-point they’re getting with such viral adverts since that Apple spoof by Phil de Vellis showed up on the YouBoob. P.S. So, what happens now?

Arrogance Unlimited


So White House Flautist Tony Snow today was all like, what the heck would ya need transcripts for, ya dummy? Speaking of dummies… ==> He really said it, regarding the ongoing “my contempt of Congress is bigger than your executive privilege, is not, is too.” (I know I used it before. I like it.) He said, “What […]

Finally, the Tables Are Starting to Turn


What a shame that the American government must perodically be pushed to the gnarly edges of Constitutional crisis just to run through its own bowel. (Yes. We were just watching “Grey’s Anatomy” reruns.) One would think that the architects of this fine nation would have been wise and wizardly enough to have created some form of […]

In Which I Unleash My Stream on the ‘Mainstream’ Media


There’s a friend of my Dad’s who is sort of his circle’s George Costanza. And so Dad was in town and on Fry-day we went to the Renaissance bar to watch ACC games we didn’t give a crap about while keeping track of the ticker that told us that KU was embarrassing Niagra. Often, when […]

The KIAV Prediction, re: Alboo Gonzoo


U.S. Attorney General Alboo Gonzoo will lose his job in January 2009. And not a minute sooner.