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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Hey, FNC: Don’t Quit Your Day Job


Of all the commentators on the broadcast spectrum, of all the newsmen and talk show hosts who blubbered it up afterward, it was Jon Stewart who finally got to me about September Eleventh. “The view from my apartment was the World Trade Center. And now it’s gone. And they attacked it,” Stewart said during a […]



Anyone who gives a darn about U.S. foreign policy should read Odom’s piece in Sunday’s Post. Its headline: “Victory Is Not An Option.”

Watada, Blackwater


The developments re: Iraq become more interesting every day. Watada got a mistrial. It looks like just so much legal posturing and doesn’t mean Watada won’t face trial. I think it means the court didn’t want to recognize Watada’s assumptions. Here’s something for later reading… Also, an interesting development in the case of the Blackwater […]

Meatwad the Bomb Among Other Absurdities


:: This rant is for Molly Ivins, one on my short list of people I always wanted to be like when I grew up. Hell, I still do. God bless her. :: As a sometimes fan of the Adult Swim television program called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and as a never ever fan of the current administration […]