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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Joe-Mentum? Mylanta!


It’s time to throw something at the Washington Post. I mean, I reckon that when a sitting senator submits an op-ed piece, you accept it and run it. But, still. Can someone. Anyone. Explain to me why anyone would want to listen to Joe Lieberman regarding the subject of Iraq? It is by now, after […]

Quote Of The Day


What luck for rulers that men do not think.   – Adolf Hitler

John Edwords


For the most part, I like John Edwards. I don’t happen to think he’s the Real Deal, but I don’t mind him. From what I know of him, his record, there is little in his record to object to, and he seems like the kind of guy who can press flesh with the best of […]

It Doesn’t Matter


Not to be callous toward the troops in the field, but the frustrating truth about our Iraq dilemma is that it doesn’t matter what we do there. We may very well send a surge of additional troops. If I thought we could send enough to beat down the insurgency in an Enderian fashion—say, half a […]

A Style Point


When I write about this stuff, I struggle about how to refer to the man who occupies the Oval Office. I have vacillated from wanting to at least have respect for the office to wanting to express my utter contempt for the man—I have been known to steal Stephanie Miller’s “Chimpy McCokespoon,” for instance. It […]

Dear Congressman Goode,


I am writing to you today to thank you for making all Virginia residents look like lip-doodling, drooling morons. Your recent letter to supporters regarding the already bottom-feeding “controversy” regarding what bound stack of papers Rep.-Elect Keith Ellison of Minnesota will rest his palm upon when his photograph is taken as he pretends to be […]

A Modest Execution Solution


I do not believe in the death penalty. But like a lot of things I don’t believe in—the invasion and occupation of Iraq, SUVs, tax exempt churches, criminal penalties for drug use—we have them and we will continue to have them until Americans get as smart as I am. Not likely that will happen in […]

The Blind Executing The Blind


I’ve noted this to some extent in this space before: Just being alive these days and looking around can really allow a person to witness some mind-boggling bullshit. Take, for instance, the temporary stay on executions in two states this week. It seems that the state of Florida went to put to death the some-would-say […]

I’m Tough Like Kucinich, Cuz I Eats My Spinach…


I just heard on the radio machine that Dennis Kucinich is planning to announce his candidacy for 2008 tomorrow. And I did a little dance. Couldn’t help it.

Where’s That Danged Baster?


I understand that the turkey on the Cheney family table at Thanksgiving was unusually dry.