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Category Archives: The Torture Never Stops

Book 'Em, Holder


It’s Farthammer Friday, everybody! Today, Charles discusses the handling of attempted underpants bomber Umar Farouk Hubbadubbadingdong and the pending trial of Khalil Sheikh Mohammed. He is annoyed that the underpants bomber was eventually Mirandized and is of course frothing at the mouth at the notion of trying Mohammed in a criminal court. I think that […]

The Torchum Never Stops


I know we are months and months from the holiday season, (follow Zappadan) but am offering up a relevant Zappa quote, from some fanzine of April 1977 called “Nuggets,” his interviewer being some fellow named Jim Ladd: JL: What’s the title of the new album? FZ: Zoot Allures. JL: “Zoot Allures”? What’s that mean? Is […]

And Another Thing…


As I watch SERE expert Malcolm Nance calmly explain yet again why torture doesn’t “work,” it occurs to me that there’s another reason that it doesn’t “work” that nobody’s mentioning. I assume that when you bring in an “enemy combatant,” you do not read him Miranda rights. I also assume that you do not immediately […]

Jackass: The Torture


You know, if we’re going to be a nation of torturers, I don’t see why we can’t have a bit of fun with it. I mean, gah. Waterboarding? I’ve seen the tape. There’s nothing fun about that. At least, not for me as a viewer at home. And those kids in Abu Ghraib, now, they […]

'It's Just Hazing'


A common line among “conservative” bobbling heads insists that what has come to light as torture as now most assuredly approved directly by the Immediate Past White House Administration is just as harmless as a fraternity hazing. I would like to take this opportunity to remind them that, in my college days, fraternity hazing became […]

The Bush Torture Regime: Both Cruel AND Ineffective


Bob Cesca NAILS it. But if it’s nothing more than slapstick and some splashy water antics then how effective can it really be, Rush? How could something so innocuous (as described by Limbaugh and others) be even the slightest bit effective—not to mention a crucial weapon in America’s anti-terrorist arsenal? It can’t be both. Either […]

Potpourri Wednesday


Norm Coleman is not a good American. He is thwarting small-d democracy by dragging his feet on a conclusion to this ridiculous Senate race (He’s asked the state supreme court to give him more time for his appeal. That’s horseshit. He’s just biding time to keep us from 60 and to raise munny. Norm. Buddy. […]