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Category Archives: The September The Eleventh

Sorry About That


Remember The Tourist Guy? Remember? Yeah. Well. He’s like…sorry.

Heck of a Job


I was, perhaps, too harsh on our local fire squad recently. While I still am leery of that sentiment, it occurs to me that this house may have actually sent some people down there for rescue and cleanup. Might have lost a few as well. I am still leery of the sentiment. But they are […]

Yeah. Do You?


A little FU to the local firehouse for this phrase on their little message board of late: We remember 9/11. Do you? No, you assholes. I totally forget. Um, let’s see. What was that thing that happened again? Some Irishmen drove a train into the St. Louis arch and gave birth to 3,000 lemurs? I […]



In light of a survey showing that the American public isn’t generally aware of the casualty count in Iraq, we here at Crack Whores for Good Government have decided that the most important link that can be placed is the new button at the upper right-hand of this fine Weblog, the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. […]

Six Years Ago Today


Six years ago today, I woke up and performed my ablutions. I got dressed as usual and then commuted to my glamourous job in downtown Washington, D.C. I do not recall if I was riding the bus then or if I had my garage space. Either way, I boarded the Metro train as usual and […]

Okay Then.


Rudy says: “For me every day is an anniversary of Sept. 11. If we don’t talk about Sept. 11, you can’t prepare to try to avoid another Sept. 11.” Okay then. Let’s talk about the radios and the location of your bunker and rescue workers suffering from lung disease because of a rush to get […]