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Category Archives: Speak Truth To Morons

Chuck Schumer is no Democrat


Chuck Schumer is now officially the Senator from Israel. He is no longer a member of the Democratic Party that I belong to, and his primary constituency is the small number of well-moneyed AIPAC contributors who have bought up all his stock. Now he is trying to cover his tracks with a story that he […]

What We Should Be Asking of the TPP


I am not sure I know any actual facts about what the TPP will do. We are told it is a wonderful thing for us and its terms are completely top secret, so should we be suspicious? Indeed the first and maybe most controversial aspect of the TPP is that it is so secret. Congresspersons […]

Pam Geller You Crazy Slut


So USA Toady calls Pan Geller a “fiery activist” who is “known for taking on Islam.” True maybe. She is also an idiot and a bigot best known for her campaign against the “Ground Zero Mosque,” which is not a mosque and not located at ground zero. Geller and her partner Robert Spencer have been […]

Pity the Poor Rich People


The latest theme of the right wing propaganda machine is how abused the rich people are because they pay so much in taxes. The issue is so important to the mega money political handlers that even Willard Romney, who refused to reveal his tax history when he ran for President, has opened his books. According […]

A Warm Place to …


Now the big Conservative Bugaboo is whether transgendered children can choose their place to pee. A school in Oklahoma had decided that a “boy” who identifies as a girl may not pee in the girl’s “bathroom” because… maybe he is a regular boy who is pretending that he is a girl so he can watch […]

Keep Those Boots Off the Ground


The history of the current situation in the Middle East is long and twisted and increasingly confused by people who have their agendas. Republican politicians want to attack Obama, Jews want to not see any further cooperation between Iran and the USA. The oil oligarchy wants to get back to the good old days of […]

Tell Us Again Why We Need More Tech Visas


  Sillyicon Valley has been telling us for years that it cannot find enough tech graduates to fill its ranks, so  it MUST recruit overseas or outsource (also overseas). This is why, the Tech gurus say, we must reform immigration laws so they can recruit more scientists and engineers from India and Pakistan. I have […]

More Lies About Immigration


The Republican Party’s lies and fabrications surrounding President Obama’s current immigration debacle are so many and obvious that it is hard to tell where to start.  Maybe with the most important issue… the demand that the President violate the Constitution of the United States of America and deport all these immigrants IMMEDIATELY!! Yes,  immediate deportation without […]

That Deficit Spending Bullshit


The big lie told over and over again becomes truth. This was an observation of Herman Goebbels, and a lesson learned well by Ronnie Raygun, Roger Ailes and their heirs commanding the current right wing lie machine. The biggest and most effective of the Raygunner’s many lies is the mythic evil of deficit spending.  This […]

A Deep Bench


My bruthas and sistahs in the Democratic party seem mighty eager these days to pick a nominee already. I like Warren; I like Hillary, I like Bernie, I hear. I like to wait. See, one, of the astounding beneficial side effects of having won the presidency with such a credible candidate as was Barack Obama […]