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Category Archives: Sorry I Said ‘Fuck’

New Nerd Trick


From @myblankie on the Twitter: …you can pinpoint times on youtube videos with a #t= tag like this: #t=3m25s In other words, I can link to a YouTube video at the exact moment that David Shuster and Tameron Hall pee a little when firedoglake blogger Marcy Wheeler says “blowjob.” It’s right here: That’s a […]

Joe Scarborough Drops the 'F' Bomb


Click here to watch an entire room of adults reduced to giggling children when Joe Scarborough says a naughty word. Hey, Mika! UNDERPANTS! Tee-hee! Hmmm. Seems that a Scarborough was at the center of another famous F-Bombing of recent history. Remember this?. Coincidence?