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Category Archives: September Eleventh

Eleven Years


It seems impossible to me that it was 11 years ago. As always, the thing that always strikes me in my memory of the September attacks on this country in 2001 is what a pitch perfect, beautiful day it was in Washington D.C. How I noticed that and appreciated it before I walked to my […]

America's Calling, Mazer Rackham…


I am fond of often saying that a terrorist attack the likes of The September The Eleventh will never happen again, and I say that to understand why, you should read a novel called Ender’s Game. There is an enormous idea in Orson Scott Card’s masterpiece that leads me to believe this and that I […]

Nostalgic for Horror


It was a perfect day. Perfect. Flawless. The sun was out, but the clouds were out, so it wasn’t too hot. The air smelled good, with just a hint of the autumn that was just starting to approach. It was probably the most beautiful weather we’d had in Washington, like ever. It really was. I […]