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Have a Koch and a Smile


Well, that was a nice little sabbatical. Last time I wrote, President Obama was re-elected. I stopped writing. It’s not that I threw in the towel. It’s just that this medium didn’t seem to be as much fun as it used to be. Lately, though, I’ve been looking lately for a reason to jump back […]

Paul Ryan for VP


It is confirmed today that what Mitt Romney has in mind is to continue down the darkened road of converting our fine nation into a modern serfdom where everything is for sale and government’s only role is to protect the interests of the fat cats. Paul Ryan is your typical Ayn Rand boot-licker. He is […]



Props to one of my many former adopted home states for defending collective bargaining rights and for telling Gov. Kasich to suck it. The subhead, of course, is that Ohio approved a measure that rejects health insurance mandates, the central plank to President Obama’s health care reform. Frankly, good on Ohio for this vote as […]

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?


I waved at the mailman the other day. It was a rather involuntary action. I saw the oddly shaped truck ambling down the road. I felt an impulse to offer a friendly gesture, to wish the person well, even though I have never met him and would not know him if he were standing with […]

Amend This.


The Equal Rights Amendment was adopted by the House on October 12, 1971. It was adopted by the Senate on March 22, 1972. It was presented to the states with a seven-year deadline for ratification. The President of the United States at the time, one Richard M. Nixon, endorsed its approval. Required number of states […]

An Important PSA




There is no economy in Joplin, Missouri. Not today. Oh, come on, Brady. You’re just being your usual commie bastard self. Of course there’s an economy in Joplin. You know, supply, demand, that kind of thing? No, bubba. When demand is this friggin’ off the charts, there isn’t any supply worth a damn that would […]

A Toast For The Assholes


As you may have heard, there is this weird and awesome call on—in light of the shooting rampage of Jan. 8—for something called “civility.” There are so many utterly bizarre aspects to this call. For starters, I find this word choice weird on its face. “Civility” means you don’t fart in church. It means you […]

We Tried That Already. It Didn’t Work.


Every time I hear one of these TP wackadoodles talk about how we need to lessen the reach of the federal government and how the federal government is only supposed to provide an army or whatnot, I can’t help but wonder what the hell history classes they had growing up. Because one of the first […]

Shaking Hands With The Unemployed


Nobody has summed up the idiocy of the Senate’s holdup of the unemployment extension better than Rachel Maddow. Nobody. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy What she points out so adroitly here is that unemployment benefits aren’t just good for the jobless. It’s good for the economy as a […]