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Category Archives: Ronald Raygun ≠ Captain Marvel

The Bizarre Deification of Ronald Wilson Reagan


Well, Papa Bonk has covered a lot of material this morning regarding today’s commemoration of the 100th birthday of one Ronald Reagan. I don’t know about you, but I find the whole thing to be, well, bizarre. Doesn’t it smack a little of “Weekend at Bernie’s” to you? Except that instead, while propping up Bernie’s […]

A Spot-On Analysis of Ronald Raygun


It is imperative that you read Will Bunch’s bloggity post regarding the current economic situation of these Untied States of America as it pertains to one Ronald Wilson Raygun. It’s a terrific, brief read by the man who wrote “Tear Down This Myth.” Also, Bunch concludes with something I often utter regarding Raygun, that on […]

The Raygun Legacy


There are two free newspapers that are handed out by actual people here in the D.C. Metro Area. One is Express, published by The Washington Post. The second is The Examiner, a “fair and balanced” publication. I tend to pick up the Express, but only because “Pearls Before Swine” makes it easier to face the […]