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Worlds of Fun


I have just read in my local newspaper a story that is appalling on so many levels I cannot begin to find the adjectives. BUFFALO — Funeral services are scheduled for later this week for Army Sgt. James Hackemer, the amputee war veteran who fell to his death off a roller coaster at Darien Lake […]



The Association of American Railroads’ Facebook thingie today marks the anniversary of the passage of the Staggers Act, signed in to law by President Jimmy Carter Oct. 14, 1980, which vastly de-regulated America’s transport industry and has, by many measures, been excellent for the industry. From what I can tell, before this law, the railroad […]

Which Came First?


Question…what’s the most complete protein you can eat without chomping into a beast’s leg? It ain’t tofu. That’s got an amino acid score of 68. Whole milk’s is 85. Raw spirulina draws an impressive 103. An egg grabs a 134, only 20 points down from a steak. An egg is also rich in B vitamins, […]

In Other Words


Thanks, Momma Bonk!

Now Here's What I'm Typing About


First of all, having grown up in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area, I am utterly tickled that the oversight agency involved in offshore drilling is called the MMS. That is damned funny. The Buzzard. Heh. Now. Check this out. LOS ANGELES — The federal agency responsible for ensuring that an oil rig in the Gulf […]

Apocalypse Now?


Ketchup Is A Vegetable has not updated for quite some time. I could excuse this to travel plans; I was on travel the first week of May, while PB is on travel this week, and we all know how travel takes it out of a person and causes said person to lose contact with current […]