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In Which Keith Does Rachel A Big Solid


Methinks Keith Olbermann is one smart dude. Rachel Maddow just got a MAD long extension on her contract at MSNBC. I think Olbermann made it happen for her. My guess is he knew damned well he was doing her a favor. Maddow is MSNBC’s highest-rated anchor, and the network was surely clamoring to keep her. […]

Speaking Of Freakishly Tall, Lesbionic Grace


When Rachel Maddow first started making waves about CNN’s live-time broadcast of Michele Bachmann Overdrive’s lazy-eyed “response” to the State of the Union, we here at the imaginary think-tank the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology thought she making a bit too much of it. Then we watched Maddow’s last segment of last night’s broadcast, when […]

Imus and Fox ‘News’ Deserve Each Other


First of all, let us establish early on that Don Imus is a racist blobfish. You are probably aware of this improbable broadcast celebrity’s misogynistic, racist, bizarre, mean, and un-funny put-down of the Rutgers womens’ basketball team of 2007. Dig a little further, or become an amateur Howard Stern Show historian as I have, and […]

The Horror…The Horror…


Nobody has quite encapsulated the horror of the Citizens United decision better than has Rachel Maddow:

Sorry? I Can't Hear You Over The Sound Of How Awesome Rachel Maddow Is.


Rachel Maddow took out this full-page ad in the Boston Globe. I have cropped it and blown it up so you might actually be able to read it.

Rachel Prepares You For the Spin


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