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Convention Time


I have been absent from these pages for some time, it is true. The Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology has been in the midst of relocating, and therefore I have been without Internet access for weeks. You know how it goes. These are the travails of the blogger. The Democratic Convention has been going swimmingly, […]

Grand Feats and Wise Decisions


I am just now beginning to learn about politics in New York state. From what I understand, we don’t yet know if a Democrat will be available to run for state senate in the 55th district. Presumed candidate Mary Wilmot has said she will not run, and state Democrats hold their convention May 10. It […]

Arianna Huffington is Wrong, Dahling


Arianna Huffington recently criticized President Obama for an ad he has apparently run (I have not seen the ad) that questions whether, as President, Mitt Romney would have gone after Osama bin Ladan. Appearing on ‘CBS This Morning’, she said, “Using the Osama bin Laden assassination, killing, the great news that we had a year […]

In Which President Barack Obama Reveals That He Has An Excellent Singing Voice.


My guess is that George W. Bush is tone deaf.

The Real Loser In Wisconsin


The real loser in yesterday’s elections was President Barack Obama. He lost an opportunity. Again. WTF is going on at the White House that nobody there is seeing that? For both political and policy reasons, the President’s one and only mission right now should be changing the message from the deficit and the debt ceiling […]

Blow Up The Debt Ceiling


First thing Monday, President Barack Obama should hold a Rose Garden press event and announce that he and his legal advisers are swarming upon Washington DC immediately to start the machinations to invoke the 14th Amendment to blow up the debt ceiling of the United States of America. And he should never look back, and […]

Mark Halperin Is A Kind of a Dick


Halperin was suspended from MSNBC for these comments. The question remains, though, in my mind: Who do these people think they’re talking about? And where were the “the President is a dick” comments when the previous president was illegally plundering secular sovereign nations, categorically neglecting and bungling catastrophic natural disasters here at home while Americans […]

I Killed Osama bin Laden and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt


Poor George W. Bush. The man’s greatest moment as “President” of these Untied States was when he was standing on a pile of rubble that he himself allowed to be created with his arm thrown around some hapless, tired fireman, yelling empty threats into a bullhorn. It’s kind of funny to watch now because if […]

Gloaty Gloaty


It is impossible not to be gloaty today. I heard it commented somewhere in the news that it’s somewhat unnatural to celebrate a death. Unfortunately, I think that’s wrong. I think that humanity has yet to shed the whole of its lizard brain, and that actually it is quite natural to want to vanquish a […]



Stolen shamelessly from Daily Kos. Text of Mr. Obama’s remarks included. More meme here.