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The World's Foremost Authority


A confluence of policy and the absurd occurred yesterday at the funeral of funnyman Soupy Sales. Professor Irwin Corey had to be removed from the podium after his eulogy turned into a diatribe about health-care reform, in which he insisted that Soupy—along with Odetta, Eartha Kitt and Miriam Makeba—died prematurely because of inadequate treatment. Way […]

Jernolizm and the Great Sunday Assholes of the Washington Post


Papa Bonk and I have been recently wondering how all of this “town hall” nonsense would be covered in the “mainstream media.” Would they faithfully report that these “activists” are backed by gobs of corporate munny from groups who have lascivious interests in this particular issue? No. A bumper from the MSNBC newsbot this morning: […]

Brady's Definition of Liberals and Conservatives


A liberal is somebody who, when he first encounters Voltaire’s declaration that “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it,” gets misty-eyed and says, “That’s beautiful.” A conservative is somebody who, when he first encounters the quote, clenches his fist and says, […]

Holyfield Bowe II


Am content as hell having eaten the finest burrito plate at the finest restaurant in all the land and coming home to find that ESPN is showing the classic second bout between Holyfield and Riddick Bowe. Did you know Bowe was 12th of 13 children? And that he got stopped at the gold in Olympic […]

Potpourri Wednesday


Norm Coleman is not a good American. He is thwarting small-d democracy by dragging his feet on a conclusion to this ridiculous Senate race (He’s asked the state supreme court to give him more time for his appeal. That’s horseshit. He’s just biding time to keep us from 60 and to raise munny. Norm. Buddy. […]



So the Obamas are going to have Bo with them everywhere they go when they travel rather than kenneling him. This is due to the ban on Portuguese Water boarding. (Stolen on the Tweeter @delrayser…) Pouporri By the way, here’s an interesting question from MoJo via Pufferfish: How long will Norm Coleman take to file […]

Bits and Pieces


First, how about that Ed Schultz? He says today that that the television show won’t interfere with his radio show, which is gud. So starting Munday, Schultz can be Tivo’d. Bootiful. Second, a link for Papa Bonk: Thomas Frank: Lock ‘Em Up—Jailing kids is a proud American tradition Third: I never understood Twitter until yesterday. […]

Isn't That Cute?


Chuck Norris waxes seditious with Glenn Beck. * Awesome Funny Ron Kuby Moment of The Day: Ron: Do we have any Tibetan freedom music, Chris? Chris (a little disgusted): No, Ron! We don’t! Question of the Day Regarding the ongoing kerfuffle between CNBC’s Jim Cramer and World-Class Journalist Jon Stewart: Why is a media employee […]

Dear Barbara Mikulski


I unfortunately live in Virginia, madam, so you are not my senator, though we are very well represented in the Senate, too. But I am watching you argue regarding the Hutchinson Amendment for wage fairness, and you are awesome. You go. Thank you for representing Da People.

Tim Geitner, Etc…


Gleaned from CSPAN Radio this morning: Geitner has support from Schumer and former Fed Volcker…the heavy hitters are coming out for Obama’s Treasury pik. Later: Remind me to look up the congresslady (I think it was Catnwell) asking geitner about “exotic tools…” not just for the infantile comic value of it, neither…it was a good […]