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Category Archives: Mine Safety

Your Tax Dollars At Work


It is a shame that it took 29 deaths to make this happen. This is the kind of thing our regulatory agencies should be doing all the frakking time. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Nearly 60 problem U.S. coal mines have been hit with surprise inspections aimed at preventing another explosion like the one that killed 29 […]

Who is Holding the Bag?


According to the Mine Act, the only person who is to be held responsible for the failure of safety provisions that should have protected the 29 men who died in West Virginia when their mine exploded this week are the supervisors. The rank and file foremen who keep the mine “running coal.” The guy in […]

Regulators! Mount up!


When something happens like the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion, I as someone who has both done some reporting in the area and as someone who keeps an eye on government in an amateur capacity can’t help but start trying to weed out where the regulation and enforcement went right or wrong. I come at […]

Some of That 'Change' You've Been Hearing About


A key post to watch as a barometer of how serious the U.S. government is about the well-being of its people is Assistant Labor Secretary for Mine Safety and Health. Mining is the most dangerous job in the world. There are dozens of ways to be injured or killed if you work in a mine. […]