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Category Archives: Let’s Play Oddball

That's the Way God Planned It


Hal Sparks guest-hosting for Stephanie this morning offered a fascinating Michael Jackson bit today: You know the chorus in “Smooth Criminal?” “Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?” You know where he got that? Ever take a CPR course? When I remember where I was when I first heard about Michael […]

Caption Challenge


David Kurtz at TPM has offered a caption challenge. I am a sucker for these. However, there is no way to register there now, so I cannot submit it to them. Too bad. I have a killer. The photo is below. You may have at it in comments. O: Hey. Hill. Repeat after me, okay? […]



So the Obamas are going to have Bo with them everywhere they go when they travel rather than kenneling him. This is due to the ban on Portuguese Water boarding. (Stolen on the Tweeter @delrayser…) Pouporri By the way, here’s an interesting question from MoJo via Pufferfish: How long will Norm Coleman take to file […]

The Final Countdown


This young man may be one of the most talented musicians ever to grace the planet’s surface. Watch out, Prince. Look out, Jean-Luc Ponty. Here’s this guy: And now, from the utterly entertaining to the utterly horrifying. Down goes Griswold!

Everybody's Got Something To Hide


The Huffington Post has created a brief but useful photo album of vastly incompetent photo opportunties this week out of the McWeirdsmile campaign. This one is my personal favorite: Now. As Keith says. Let’s play Oddball. Chimp Steals Gun From Zookeeper In Japan A chimp in Japan escaped the sweltering confines of his cage, and […]