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Category Archives: Appreciation

That Mad Cow Disease Is A Bitch


Well, now we know what led Andrew Breitbart to freak out at a group of teenagers like this. That mad cow disease is a bitch. They’re saying that Breitbart, 43, was out walking after midnight, out in the moonlight, and that he fell down and died. Natural causes is all they’re saying. That’s because they […]

Jack Kevorkian, An American Hero


I wanted to write “Dr. Death is Dead” as the hed here, and I’m certain that’s what will be on the front page of the New York Post today. But it’s just pejorative. And it disrespects the man’s work. He deserves better. Americans have a strange fascination and history with unsensible prohibition. Our response to […]

Sargent Shriver


I have had a brief elevator conversation from time to time with Sargent Shriver. He’s good people. KIAV wishes Mr. Shriver and his family well. That is all.

My Smile Is Stuck


From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography: Don Vliet (later known as Captain Beefheart) was in Frank’s year at AVHS, but they didn’t become friends until 1958, when Vliet saw Zappa hitch-hiking one day and gave him a lift. ‘I couldn’t help it,” said Vliet, ‘he looked so wobegone.’ They were almost the same age (Zappa […]

White Port and Lemon Juice


I would be remiss this #Zappadan if I didn’t repost this gem from the masterful Daryl Hall: I would be remiss for two reasons: Tom “T-Bone” Wolk, featured here on lead guitar, died in February. So it’s an “appreciation” as well as a “Zappadan” post.I’ve never had hits like how I had them on the […]

Elizabeth Edwards


I have just read the news that Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of Democratic scumbag John Edwards, has died. I could not help but emit a profoundly audible “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooowwwwwwwwww!” Elizabeth Edwards, what a trooper. What an incredible spirit. What a severely scorned woman. John Edwards. What a scumbag. And he’s not a scumbag for banging someone […]

Robert Byrd


Sure, he was kind of a mixed bag. It’s true that he joined the Klan at age 24, that he filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that he was at one time in his life an unabashed racist, that as late as 2001 he was […]

R.I.P. Jack Redux


KIAV transcript from this evening’s episode of Hardballs with Chris Matthews. Chris. Take it away. Jack Murtha who died today was an American patriot. He quit college to join the Marines and fight in Korea. We were fighting the Communists, and he didn’t want to shirk his duty. He did the same thing as an […]

R.I.P. Jack


I have an uncle who is a die-hard, and I mean die-hard, active Republigoat in Jack Murtha’s district. But he’d always put Murtha signs out. To the point that he had to tell his local party leaders to go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks when they gave him crap for it. I think that says what needs said […]

R.I.P. Bob Keane


A Zappadan Coincidence: Del-Fi Records Founder Bob Keane died Nov. 28. His death is pretty much just being reported today. Keane, who is most noted for having discovered Richie Valens, is mentioned on the cover of “Freak Out.” He is credited for giving young Zappa a shot. Out of the many artists that entered Keane’s […]