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Category Archives: Legalize It

Survey Says…


Now try to tell me that your average American ain’t down. Legalize it.

What is He Smoking?


They had an interview with Barney Frank in the Sunday Times Magazine this week. It was pretty typical, all high policy and low politics and nothing surprising if you know what to expect from the Banking Committee Chairman. Then there was this: BARNEY THINKS MARIJUANA WILL BE LEGALIZED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN THE NEXT […]

Legalize It


Damn, Papa stole my thunder. Kaboom! As he mentioned, today is a good day to touch upon the subject of decriminalizing the recreation and medicinal use of marijuana. Bear in mind, this is coming from a writer who has never been able to enjoy the stuff personally. Believe me, I tried. But that shit makes […]

Michael Phelps' Excellent Adventure


You’re telling me that this guy likes to smoke weed? You’re KIDDING. No WAY. That’s so SHOCKING. Yo, Aquaman. Don’t bogart that shit. Potpourri Have I mentioned lately that my favorite blog in the entire universe ever is Margaret and Helen?

Only In George W. Bush's America


This story is hardly to be believed, until one reminds oneself that it occurred in George W. Bush’s America. It sticks out to me because it occurred in a tiny little town I visit frequently because my lady friend lives there. (Also, good to know that at CNN, they eschew that pesky AP style.) (CNN)—Federal […]