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Lizz Winstead is in for Ed Schultz today.

A Sad Song Just to Turn it Around


Wooooooooooooooo. What a baaaaaaaaaaad day. Awful. Just awful. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwful. The Supreme Court has just put American democracy up for sale on Ebay. Not that it wasn’t already leased. Here’s what President Obama had to say about today’s decision: With its ruling today, the Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of […]

Rendering History As So Much Gibberish


Am knee-deep in The Thom Hartmann Show today. He’s addressing good stuff, specifically the outlandish shenanigans the Conservabots are performing with regards to American history. Glenn Beck, apparently, has now co-opted the memory of one Thomas Paine: Do we really think that Paine ever said “we’re mad as hell?” Thom Paine was that century’s Howard […]

Liberal Talk Radio Will Eat Itself


Another casualty in Moonbat Radio land, as reported by LTR: Peter B. Collins is retiring from the radio biz. Gosh, this economy is really starting to look like it’s whupping our asses. I like ol’ Peter B. all right. He guested for Mad Mike for a bit I think…or was he just guesting on XM […]

Anecdotal Economic Indicators and Montel Williams


I have been a listener of The Howard Stern Show since he came to Cleveland in 1992. This morning, Stern’s show provided an excellent, albeit anecdotal and extremely distasteful, economic indicator. Stern has a “game show” called the “Mexican Delivery Guy Game.” Here’s how it goes. There’s a hot porn star or two in his […]

Isn't That Cute?


Chuck Norris waxes seditious with Glenn Beck. * Awesome Funny Ron Kuby Moment of The Day: Ron: Do we have any Tibetan freedom music, Chris? Chris (a little disgusted): No, Ron! We don’t! Question of the Day Regarding the ongoing kerfuffle between CNBC’s Jim Cramer and World-Class Journalist Jon Stewart: Why is a media employee […]

Good News For Radio


LTR reports that Rachel Maddow has renewed for her radio show but that her show will change, for the better: She’ll now do morning drive time. Maddow’s show will be offered in morning drive by the network, to be fed three times, during the 6, 7 and 8A hours. The show will feature radio-only content, […]

Thom Hartmann of January 8


Liberals are the ones who built America. I defy you to find any good dimension of American life, five-day work week, 40-hour work week, Social Security, paid vacation, clean food, safe drugs, workman’s compensation, unemployment benefits, I defy you to find one benefit that the Republicans have brought us, that the conservatives have brought us. […]

The Astounding Success of Air America Radio


When it comes to Air America Radio, I am hardly a fanboi (I reserve my radio fanboi luv for Robin Ophelia Quivers). I have in fact been often critical of the network and its obsession with one-man-one-mic programming, its abandonment of the Winstead Doctrine, and its baffling programming decision to cast management as talent. And […]

iPod Alert


The NPR/Fresh Air interview of William Ayers is at: