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Get A Brane, You Moran!


In case you’re wondering, we did our job here in the eighth district of Virginia. Rep. Jim Moran decimated opponent Patrick Murray tonight with a 23-point lead. You won’t see this district’s election in the headlines. And that’s a shame. Because the election here in the Peoples’ Republic of Arlington is the real story. You […]

Student Lones


By the way, the Washington Post article I linked to in the last post contains a incredibly good point made by the former President, an accomplishment of these Democrats that they should by shouting from the rooftops, but that they just aren’t talking about one bit: They reformed student loans. Clinton reserves time near the […]

Jukebox Hero


Here at the imaginary think-tank known as Crack Whores for Good Government and its imaginary subsidiary the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology (S.P.I.T.), we have a basic theory that we tout here at the old KIAV known as the suppository theory. You see, it seems that once upon a time, a doctor gave a man […]



A few random items for your consideration. #1. Having just recently watched “The McVeigh Tapes,” hosted by Rachel Maddow, whose picture you see when you look up the word “awesome” in the dictionary, it occurred to me that, perhaps, just perhaps, Tim McVeigh was a self-hating homosexual. What do we think? #2. Thousands rally at […]



I am trying to establish a KIAV presence in Tumblr, but it is not going well. Hopefully the RSS feed will propagate and we’ll see the actual version of the blog show up. Anyway. Here’s a cool factoid…my adopted home of Arlington is #13 on a recent list of America‚Äôs top 20 most liberal-friendly counties. […]