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Keystone Kop Democrats


Robert Reich, on why this “deal” is a colossal failure for President Obama and the Democrats. Anyone who characterizes the deal between the President, Democratic, and Republican leaders as a victory for the American people over partisanship understands neither economics nor politics. And it just gets better from there.

Duh. Winning.


Fascinating. In a CNN poll of American adults released Friday, the median guess on what percentage of the federal budget goes to public broadcasting was 5%. With a $3.55 trillion budget last year, that would put funding for the CBP at approximately $178 billion. In reality though, that’s not even close. The CPB received about […]

Music and a Better World


Radio B.O.N.K. is undergoing some maintenance as the Zappadan holiday continues. Here is the latest promo we’ve cut, thanks to our good friends at AT&T Research:

BB’s Conspiracy Theory


In this post, I’m going to share with you the furthest out my conspiratorial mind goes. It’s not that far. I don’t think. It’s complete speculation, something I made up all on my own. But I wonder if it’s not the conpiracy we ought to be fussing over. There is news today in the stem […]



Well, don’t we look nice? The gory details: Wanted to move this mess back to Dreamhost. Was successful at exporting and importing the entries, though I really need to work on my backup skills for this particular project. Had settled down with the Pundit theme and was trying to make it easier on the eyes. […]

America's Future. Now, Damnit!


I would be remiss if I did not mention that this week brought the America’s Future Now! conference to Washington, D.C., June 7 – 9 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. Every year I swear I’m going to go print up a bunch of business cards with this URL on it and take them to this […]

Look. We're in the Dictionary.


What does KIAV stand for?

You Read It Here First


As the Republican Party works itself into a lather over the Obama administration’s offer of a job to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Penn) in exchange for him not entering the Pennsylvania Senate primary, seasoned political observers, historians, and lawyers are responding with veritable yawns. American presidential history is littered with quid pro quos, implicit and explicit […]

Why does it not surprise me…


…to learn that Haliburton was involved with the oil rig and also to learn that it’s not a union job?

We Hate To Keep Pointing This Out, But…


…there must be a lot of folks reading us here at KIAV and its imaginary think-tank, the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology… Supreme Club